Happy Friday, Mofos!

And I mean “mofos” in the most loving way possible…

So, you may have (probably) seen the update we did on the ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 Kickstarter. Here is my quote from it:
“Well, I have some good news and some bad news…

Bad news first: Sadly, we ran into a production issue and it WILL be delaying the shipment of ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 and all the other rewards. We had approved digitally printed card samples with the understanding that the final product would have some differences. First and foremost, the card stock would be consistent with the directive we gave the factory: ‘exactly the same as the first ANNIHILAGEDDON game.’ So fast forward to a week ago when I got the final goods for 12 MONTHS’ worth of FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS cards and the card stock was NOT what I wanted it to be.
I had a fucking aneurysm… seriously, card stock is something I am VERY passionate about. I literally blew a blood vessel in my eye (I should have taken a picture). After going back and forth with our factory, the only solution is to have a DIFFERENT factory print the cards and ship them to the first factory to be packed out with all the other stuff. To be clear: The original factory is very good. The sculpted stuff (why we went with them in the first place) will be amazing and the packaging (fluorescent, etc.) will be amazing. The problem is the cards are just slightly off, and it’s not something I can let go of (most players wouldn’t have noticed, but again I am psycho about card quality). So… it’s adding 45 days to our process (printing the new cards and shipping them) AND (not your problem) annihilating our bottom line. We expect games to start fulfilling in late June now.
Here’s the mildly good news: The product WILL be perfect. Still, I apologize: The delay was a total surprise. I will be sending out the first month’s FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS mailer as planned. I’ll replace the card in it in a following month’s mailer (this may go on for a couple of months as we get the new cards printed). TO BE CLEAR: When you get the replacement card, I expect you to burn the old one. If you don’t, I WILL come to you in your dreams, Freddy Krueger-style, seeking vengeance. So look for that first fan club mailer at the end of the month!! That’s exciting 😊”
WOW, right?

I am so bummed with this delay, but at least I have a plan to start getting the fan club mailer out. Again, so, so sorry. I want to reiterate: Not ever mailer will be the same. You FOR SURE get:
– A letter from me
– The exclusive game cards
– A special little gift (these are going to be super fun!)
But I was serious when I said I am throwing random shit into a few envelopes. I have already been hunting around the office for weird stuff. What kind of stuff? Who knows?! Cards from other games or other random shit? Sure! Pictures cut out of the stack of ’80s porno mags in my office? Sure! Epic Spells Wars Cards with the wizards’ eyes scratched out, serial-killer style? ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully, you FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS will jump into the forum if you get something weird and let people know… unless it’s sticky. In that case, just burn it and move on…

Here is a preview of the cool stamp I had made for the envelope. The circle part at the top changes out every month and will never be used again (so you know which mailer is which). February is the Valentine’s Day month so…

Well, that’s it. Until next time, I love you dearly.