Hello to all my FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS… that’s you!

Well, this Friday is a good example of why doing an EVERY Friday update is hard. Sometimes the week just gets away from you. You get so busy that the update you usually want to get done on Wednesday or Thursday gets written Friday morning (sad trombone). Quick Kickstarter update: The files are at the secondary printers and our digital samples will be here next week. We have the proverbial pedal to the metal to get these games out as quickly as possible.
So, I did have an interesting interaction with one of our Kickstarter backers. I noticed a review on BGG for ESW:A (that’s my short hand for the first deck-builder). He gave the game a 2 and wrote some not-so-nice stuff and mentioned he was a Kickstarter backer of the second one and regretted it. I should start off saying that I obsessively check the reviews of ESW:A. I’m not sure why. I guess I just love the game SO MUCH and like seeing other people validate my feelings about it. Truly, I think it’s a very special deck-builder with so many subtle design components.

I sent him an email and offered a full refund of the Kickstarter pledge, and I defended the game. He didn’t like that and mentioned he felt I was too aggressive defending the game. Oh well. I just couldn’t agree that it’s “the WORST deck-builder ever” and that “There are FAR too many pathetic sex references that again miss the tone of ESW.” Especially on that second point: I create everything in ESW and when it comes to the tone of the brand, I am the expert. You can’t please everyone and in ESW’s case you can please only a narrow band of weirdos… BUT that’s honestly why its so great.

I will say: There is a chance that the thematic is impacting the number of people who try the game. In all likelihood, the amazing design elements would actually resonate with players who will never try it because of all the boners. Sad, but as I have said, the theme and over-the-top ridiculousness are part of what make the super-brutal, “take that” gameplay work. It’s hard to feel too bad about getting wrecked when the thematic makes it funny and gross or funny and sexual, or… grossly sexual, which is ALWAYS super funny. You get the point!

This weekend, we will be attempting to package up all the fan club mailers… not sure it’s going to work. The stamp on the envelope idea, while cool, is proving to be VERY difficult. Who knew stamping was so hard? Really gives you an appreciation for the “YOU’RE GRAPE” stamp on those 3rd grade spelling test. Hmmm, GRAPE… that reminds me: I had one of the only examples of self-censorship in ESW while working on Gang Bangers. Maybe next week we can take a look at that. grape…

ALSO, we will be adding a little viewer to the website that let you look at ALL the cards in EVERY game!!! I thought that might be fun 😊
Here’s what that will look like… (down at the bottom)

Anyway, as always, I love you very much!