Friday Update time! Gather round, kids, as we discuss where we are with the first Fan-Fuckingtastic Friends mailer and other junk and stuff and junk…

So I had to scrap stamping the FFF envelopes. It was averaging 5-8 minutes FOR EACH… I know! Who knew fucking stamping some shit would be so hard? At that rate, it was going to take us like 130 hours just to stamp the envelopes, so I gave up on that. Instead, we have a MUCH COOLER (I guess) full color version of the mailer label. Also, I know what you’re thinking: “Who gives a shit? Just mail the damn things.” ME, that’s who… I have a fetish for packaging. Anyway, I think it turned out awesome. Here is an example…

One of the good things about the disaster of having to reprint the cards is I was able to print more fan club cards, so we can open up the fan club to more people starting next month. SO if you’re reading this and are NOT a Fan-Fuckingtastic Friend, you may get your chance… and trust me, it’s worth it! The link on the Fan Club page will go active and allow you to join.

Last week, I mentioned one of the few times I actually self-censored was on Gang Bangers and I am still (sort of) beating myself up over it. Not sure I made the right decision. I tend to do whatever I think is funny and not worry about being offensive. I know my own sensibility and making fun of everyone and everything equally seems fair… and it’s sort of the point of ESW. I try not to punch down and satire is great as long as it’s actually funny and not an excuse, as I mentioned, to punch down. This gag was actually inspired by the awesome comedy group the Whitest Kids U’ Know and their video called “I am gonna grape you in the mouth.” Look it up its on YouTube… anyway, it’s very funny. So for the Freaky Fruit Gang, I thought, “HEY, here’s a great place for that joke!” After a bunch of playtesting and consistent “Hmmm… not sure about that one” comments, I pulled it.

Here is the card. It fit nicely with all the other crazy fruit sex stuff, but ultimately I got rid of it. I don’t know… maybe I should have left it.

The only other time something was censored was the Treasure card for Hijinx at Hell High: Suislide, a razor slide with a bunch of kids killing themselves on it. My artist R.S simply responded, “Fuck off with this,” and didn’t draw it. He was probably right on that one. Really, I did restrain myself from a few of the darker high school tropes. That said, I was proud of Boomer Genocide!

OH!! ALSO… I almost forgot!!! we added the ability to post pictures in the FORUM!!! go nutzzzz!

Hope your Friday is (as the Hell High kids say) DOPE!