Hi-dee-do, Fan-Fuckingtastic Friends!

Is it Friday already?!? Wow, time is just spinning totally out of control. So many amazing projects over here… it’s fun to be busy, but it can also make it hard to carve out the right amount of time to be creative or to make sure you’re playing games.

SOOO… last Friday night, a group of us stayed late to play some ESW: ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 — XTREME NACHO LEGENDS, AND we did it with the nice digital proofs of the game. So it was really the first time it’s ever been played with full art, etc. We even included the white protype version of the trophy! Man, it was a TON of fun. I hadn’t played for a few months (sadly, so many other things to test). WOW, I was immediately reminded why I love this game so much. We had a couple of new players and they had a great time. One of our designers actually had the entire experience of: I’m behind so I will buy Wild Magic, then play the Wild Magic on the person winning, then use THEIR cards to not only catch up… but also WIN the game. It was so perfect…

I made sure to provide everything we needed for a good time… food and booze. (But NO drugs… we don’t condone drugs here, except for heroin… that’s fine. Also weed, crank, mushroom, LSD, hash, meth, Oxy, uppers, downers, cocaine, and nitrous are OK. BUT no Horse Tranquilizers. We draw the line there… we’re not “horsing” around. HAHAHAHAH!)

I also provided the most appropriate snack chip possible in the situation (as pictured below). Sadly, we didn’t have a mock-up of the new playmat so the original had to fill in.

Additionally, I bought 20 lottery tickets so each time a player killed someone they would get a lottery ticket as a reward… 20 bucks well spent! We even had a few winning tickets…

The game played great. We actually used some of the promo Wizards and Familiars. I really think you’re going to love them. We did a 5-Wizard game, with 4 Dead Wizard Tokens per player. The game was about 95 minutes and everyone agreed they would have preferred 5 tokens per player and just a bit more time to see all their awesome cards again. It’s definitely one of the intended designs that players can increase and decrease the number of Dead Wizard Tokens to control the length of the game. Personally, I love playing with ALL of them as I like a long game. That said, even when you use more tokens, it actually doesn’t make the game that much longer as towards the end the kills are happening much more frequently.

AND it was so much fun that we are trying to do Friday Night ESW at least a couple times a month. Tonight, we are doing the first playtest (for me) of ESW:A 3. Oh man, the design ideas in this are awesome… cannot wait to play tonight!

I love you very much,