Well, it’s Friday… I hope your Saint Patrick’s Day was magically delicious! I spent the day hiding my gold and drinking green beer. My estranged father’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day… happy birthday, Dad. Fun fact: He’s half-leprechaun (explains the birthday), so that makes me ONE-QUARTER-leprechaun! Between my pact with the Devil and leprechaun heritage, it’s pretty clear how I’ve managed to be successful (luck).

Talking about LUCKY, guess what I have in my hot little hands… THE GODDAMN FAN CLUB STUFF! Yes!!! So this weekend, we are building the mailers and shipping them out next week.
That’s right: All the stuff for the full year is in the office. Look right here at a box of the first fan club cards… sort of a spoiler (though there’s more than this in the mailer):

Very exciting!

Last Friday, we spent the night testing the ESW deck-builder THREE. Man, the core innovation is pretty sweet, and as a first pass at the design file, it had some really fun moments. The key to success on these games (well, any game) is in iteration. We will be playing A LOT of this game for the next several months. And with our crack squad of designers, each test session really delivers great changes. Sometimes the best concepts come from that 3am brainstorming after playing the game over and over.

By the way, we have a digital game coming up for ESW: an NFT game that is pretty batshit crazy. It uses the combinatorial triptych of the Spell cards to allow us to make 4 MILLION unique cards (after we make a bunch of new stuff). As a matter of fact, we are doubling the amount of art that currently exists for the spellcrafting games. Thought I would share a few of these each week, since the pencil roughs are so awesome:

Dr. Dino-Donger is actually my primary care physician. He is… not a good doctor. Too many dirty dinosaur jokes… I don’t need to hear about how he likes to “Jurassic Pork.”
Wow, these updates really aren’t very long. Maybe in the future when we have more to talk about, they will get longer… or maybe not.

Well, I love you very much!