Hello, my friends!

It’s Friday again, against all odds…
I promise not to make EVERY Friday about these damn fan club mailers, but yet again here I am talking about the mailers. SO they’re done, all packaged up, and ready to ship. Heck, shipping labels are being applied as we speak… I think.
Here is a picture of them!

I will say this entire thing turned out to be a much larger pain in the ass than I expected. We ended up just shy of 1000 fan club members and you really don’t parse what doing some repetitive tasks 1000 times is like until you do them. Hopefully, we have all the kinks ironed out now and next month’s mailers will go out without a hitch. I have the entire year’s worth of secret gifts mapped out and have ordered the next couple months’ items.

One of the kinks is how we can actually give MORE people the chance to join the FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS. As it turns out, there are entire software packages that do JUST THAT! So in the coming weeks, we will (possibly) have the ability for you to “manage” your subscription and for new people to jump in. Sadly, we will have to raise the price. When it’s all said and done, these are more expensive than I anticipated, so NEW (not existing) fans will be charged a bit more for these mailers. LUCKY YOU for jumping in early! The Kickstarter value never ends.

To that point, I want to address something that came up on the Kickstarter comments section about buying the game later at a lower price. I want to make it clear that we do EVERYTHING we can to stop online sellers from dumping our games with slim margins and stealing business from the FLGSs of the world. We DO require anyone doing a retailer tier on the Kickstarter to prove they actually have a brick-and-mortar store. And we get people to pull down those “wholesale” price ads when we see them. That said, I hope everyone in the Kickstarter feels good about the INSANE amount of bonus stuff they are getting with their pledge. Also, as I said in the Kickstarter comments, there is NO FUCKING way anyone gets the games before the backers.


Heck, I need to get started thinking about the hand-made trophy for this year’s tournament at Gen Con. Yes, it looks like we WILL be at Gen Con this year! The real question is: Do I make one JUST for the deck-building game, or do I also make one for the spellcrafting game? I kinda hate not supporting both. I mean, we get a lot of the same people showing up each year to compete and they really look forward to it. I was SUPER excited when we had the same young lady almost win it all two years running in the spellcrafting game… THERE IS SKILL INVOLVED!

Finally, one piece of RS art! I love getting in references to movies and pop culture (especially the stuff I am obsessed with), and I have officially fallen in love with this idea. Gotta get these guys going as a counter to the Freaky Fruit… I really am tempted have RS make a poster out of this.

Well, thanks for reading and I continue to love you very much,