Hello everyone!

Well, it’s April Fools’ Day… one of my least favorite days of the year. Don’t get me wrong: I love the fake products and actual jokes, but it seems like April 1 has become more about saying stupid shit (as a joke).

To be fair, I’ve noticed far less of it today… maybe that trend is dying.

There has been a veritable swarm of development on the ESW franchise! Besides the NFT game, we have the sixth spellcrafting game in its third round of design iteration AND ESW DBG 3 being tested and slowly but surely developed! It’s so great to have so many ESW products going at once…
The new spellcrafting game actually has a group of designers that hasn’t worked on an ESW spellcrafting game before. And this is actually a good thing! They are passionate about the brand and have brought a ton of new energy to the process. This spellcrafting game will have a bunch of really cool innovations, and being the sixth in the series, I think mixing it up is pretty important… we didn’t want to deliver just more of the same.
Thematically, it’s going to take place as the “halftime show” at an Annihilageddon event, so we are going to see some ANNIHILAGEDDON characters for the Source cards and it’s SUPER cool… another look at characters I love!

Also, in terms of mechanics, there are some very cool things going on, including an entirely new way to do Dead Wizards that KEEPS you in the game… and that’s just the start of the new stuff.

This also marks a sad milestone for me… it’s OFFICIALLY the day after the month we had promised to deliver the ESW DBG 2 games… totally heartbroken. I am DYING for players to get their hands on the games and see how awesome they are. That said, I know I made the right call to have all the cards reprinted. The cards are done, but shipping from one factory to the other has been tricky. Apparently, China has been closing different parts of the country intermittently to try and stop the spread of COVID. And this has caused more delays. We should have more updates on exact dates in the near future, and as soon as I can confidently predict the date of arrival for our backers, I will share that.

Not sure If I shared THIS… it’s the packaging for the trophy!

Well, I love you very much, and thanks with your patience on the Kickstarter. It was unseen problems and specific decisions to put quality first that got us here, but in the end it will all work out.