(I should save that greeting for next week, closer to Easter.) I really loved those marshmallow peeps as a kid. I actually don’t like sweets. If I do eat candy, it’s more than likely dark chocolate, but for some reason, I really did like those grainy, marshmallowy chicks, probably because they were more bitter than anything else. You could really taste the food dye and chemicals… mmmmm.

Well, it appears from the forums that some of you have gotten the first fan club mailer! That’s awesome. And you have seen some of the random stuff I included… but haven’t seen all of it yet.

We had a request from the forums to post the rulebook for ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 — XTREME NACHO LEGNDS. So here it is!!!

THE RULE BOOK! <--- LINK! sooo... Sadly, this update is ONLY the link. Next week, I will spend some time talking about cool stuff in the rulebook! well... A little art 🙂

Love ya,