Howdy HO, KIDS! Who’s a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy and/or cowgirl!?!

ME, that’s who!

Yes, this cowpoke has rounded up FOUR of the Legend cards from the upcoming ANNIHILAGEDDON 2, as requested. YEE HAWW! Okay, I will drop the cowboy bit. (Sob) true story I started wearing a bandana around my neck, cowboy-style, during the pandemic as a “back-up mask”… but really because I thought it looked like something a jaunty cowboy would wear, and the pandemic was a good excuse.

So let’s take a look at these cards! First up is Viagrus the HARD LORD. You may remember him from the Kickstarter video. He is an ONGOING, so all those “need to play” a Wizard cards are gonna be easier to trigger. At the start of your turn, you may gain a Limp Wand into your hand… yikes, why would I WANT a Limp Wand? Well, he makes your Limp Wands +3 Power! AND they are positive instead of negative VP at the end of the game!!! He really makes it HARD… to hate limp wands! Also, I happen to know there is a Dead Wizard Token that says, “your Limp Wand’s value is doubled.” That’s right: If you happen to LIVE THE DREAM and get him and that DWT, each Limp Wand is worth 2 VP! We also have a Limp Wand-centric Wizard and Familiar coming in a future mailer!

Right alongside Viagrus is the MVP of MTDs: Blistreria, Queen of the Genital Harpies! And who is that sitting next to her? Well, it’s King Skeeve of the Rotten Wand, one of the oversized Wizards coming in ANNIHILAGEDDON 2! WOW, Blistreria is BRUTAL, giving out 2 Limp Wands to EACH foe. Not just one foe… EACH FOE! Of course, if you have Viagrus, you can take those Limp Wands life has given you and make limp lemonade, and then pour it seductively down your chest and rock-hard abs…

Let’s keep this Limp Wand train going, faithful FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC-FRIENDS! Here, we have THE Limp Wand. Yes, the one to rule them all… the artifact of flaccid LEGEND. So what does this ULTIMATE Limp Wand do? Well, it does a ton of damage AND like most wands, it has a cool effect if you manage to kill a Wizard with it. You may give them 3 Limp Wands from YOUR hand or discard pile, and if you don’t have any, don’t fear: You can give them 3 from the Limp Wand stack! Ouch!

And finally one of my favorite cards from the entire ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 file… DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. Man, to use up that card name, it must have been one HELL of a card… hahaha. IT IS! +6 Power (of course) AND you can destroy ANY number of cards in your discard pile!!! Holy shit! This card is FIRE… it’s funny we had a game where I destroyed my entire deck (it was all in the discard pile) because my hand was super powerful, and every turn after that I wrecked house and ended up winning the game. Also, let’s not overlook the amazing art on this card…. yes, that is his family burning to death in the background, cat included. Hahahaha.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at some Legend cards for ANNIHILAGEDON 2!!

We will do some more next week, but until then I love you very much (Viagrus-style love, no less).