FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! No idea why I am so happy… it’s just gonna be Friday again as soon as I blink. It’s getting a bit scary… time seems to be speeding up, faster and faster. Soon I will be a crusty old skeleton in my tomb, eldritch crown glowing in the dark, typing away at a dusty old crypt computer as I write… a GODDAMN Friday update! Yes, even the cold embrace of death will not stop me…

Uh, anyway, how about another look at some of those spicy Legend cards from ESW A2 (as we affectionally call it internally)? This time around, let’s talk about “living the dream. This is a concept I talk a lot about with my designers… the idea that there is some combination of cards that (rarely) break the game open and give the players an explosive, mind-melting orgasm of game power (metaphorically). I strive to have this in all our games, and especially with the Epic Spell Wars deck-builders. Now, XTREME NACHO LEGENDS probably has more “live the dream” opportunities than anything else we have ever done.
So, let’s look at an example:

Yes, that’s right: Double that 10 damage the wand’s doing and PRESTO you have 20 damage. AND if none of the people you are playing with happen to have a Defense… well that’s GAME OVER as each Wizard respawns at 20 health then waits to be killed again, as Scruffy Twatter’s wand makes it way around the flabbergasted players. Suck it!
Another PRIME example is a bit more straightforward AND part of it actually works with the combo above! We have a very cool new starting ability that keys off of wands. SO not only do you start with an extra special wand in your deck, but more importantly, YOUR wands are unblockable! So the above combo is even more possible. I have actually only seen the Scruffy Twatter auto-win one time (in A LOT of playtests) and the Wizard also had the wand starting ability.

Not all “live the dream” moments are combos. Sometimes it’s just a VERY hard card to get AND to pull off… yes, if you buy the Ultimate Winner’s Wand (costs 20!) AND can get that elusive LAST hit, you WIN the game. Trust me, this is hard to make happen, as everyone is keenly aware you have this card once you buy it.

Well, my friends, that’s it for this week. We should have an update on the Kickstarter next week: Spoiler, we are getting fucked by China’s Shanghai lockdown…
As always, I love you very much and DREAM of getting ESW A2 into your hands!