Let’s start with my shame… yes, I missed last Friday. Sadly, I was unable to obtain ENOUGH heroin to get in the right headspace to write an update… sad, but true. But GOOD NEWS, I am super high now and we get to have an update! The proverbial WIN-WIN!

Hope you’re having a great Friday. Did you get your tickets to Dr. Strange? Right after I post this, I’ll be seeing the latest Marvel movie with the game design team. Super fun! We have an amazing local theater; I am a total experience snob and the game designer in me wants to min/max everything. The theater I mentioned is the IMAX at the Irvine Spectrum… MAN, I love this theater. It was built as one of the old-school original IMAX theaters that used to show things like nature shorts or SPACE… not really movies, just sort of IMAX experimental films. What makes that special is the original IMAX screens are 3 stories tall AND they recently renovated it to have the latest IMAX projectors. I’m guessing there isn’t a better IMAX theater around. Plus, if you buy your tickets far enough in advance, you can get any seat, including what I have decided is the “perfect” seat… E21. So if you ever go to the Irvine Spectrum IMAX, remember seat E21. Or actually don’t buy that one… that’s MY seat!

Everyone should have received the first Fan-Fuckingtastic Friends mailer (and the few that didn’t, we are actively figuring it out… thanks for emailing me!). Hope everyone enjoyed the stuff. The Gorzo Wizard and membership card Familiar are pretty good… at least they will be once you get a few more mailers!

I have also heard early reports from the forum that the real membership card actually does work! Amazing… make your enemies quake in fear! I saw a question about the numbering. I actually made 2000 cards, so we may have the chance to add people later on. And I kept the first 100… to use for things. I mean, I really did need to keep 001 for someone special! Also, I fear some of my business cards from my other job may have accidentally fallen off my desk and into the mailers… sorry, I just have SO many jobs.

Rest assured, we are getting this whole mailing shit stuff down. Sure enough, your next mailer (the one for APRIL) is going out on Monday… the 9th of May (sad trombone). BUT I have everything ready for May and hope to get those out on May 23rd! And after that, it’s smooth gravy (or sailing).
Look, here are the fucking MAY mailers ready to go!

Now, how about another sneak peek at some of the Legend cards from the new game?!

So clearly I was watching a bunch of one of my favorite TV shows when I made these… parody is the sincerest form of flattery! And the Epic Heist was inspired by one of the best episodes of that amazing show. Now in terms of gameplay, these cards are FUCKING amazing. The good Dr. and Lil’ Pharty may not seem that powerful, but I have to tell you, some of the most bonkers turns of all time came at the hands of that crazy mofo. BUT in terms of just raw, live-the-dream (but still-in-reach) moments, the Epic Heist is SOOOOO gratifying. Getting to rummage through the top five cards and pick what you get REALLY does feel like stealing. I highly recommend it, if you have the means.

Well, that’s it for this week. Let’s hope my “stash” holds out and I’m high enough next Friday to keep this streak rolling…
Love, Cory