Wow, what a week! We had the very successful DC Deck-Building Game Kickstarter end… OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS!! And we got in the first, off-the-assembly-line actual samples of XTREME NACHO LEGENDS! So that means the games are on the water and chugging along to our distribution center in Florida (I know, yuck). I had the extreme pleasure of tossing some Epic Spell Wars sleeves on the Kickstarter edition of the game, loading a mix of BOTH kinds of XTREME Nacho Power Chips into the REAL trophy, and playing a game! Oh man, it was glorious. After all we have done to make it happen (and the means YOU, the most important part of this), it was so gratifying. The real reason I come to work everyday is not for money… it’s to make awesome stuff exist. It’s the center of what gives me joy.

Here is pic of that game in progress… AND I won! (That’s a lie.)

April’s fan club mailers are on the way, and you should be getting them soon. Malcom should have responded to any emails double-checking shipping address and answering questions (no, the fan club was not a free gift with the purchase of the base game). Cannot wait for you to get your hands on the cards and stuff! And May will be right behind it, so we can be caught up…

Let’s look at another batch of those LEGENDARY cards coming with ESW A2!

This week, let’s talk about Dead Wizard tokens. I know NO ONE likes dying (at least in ESW, you don’t stay dead). And rest assured, there are some absolutely BRUTAL attacks that don’t even need to kill you before dishing out those dreaded little skulls. The Merry Reaper (not grim) lets you GET RID of a Dead Wizard token and totally screw over an opponent (don’t forget to get into a huge argument with everyone about who’s winning before handing this out). Hahahahaha. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the fucking SAINT is here to really twist the knife and break off the blade, in your a** (I was sparing our sensitive readers the word ass). Yes, that’s right: Even if there’s only 1 Dead Wizard token left, you can keep handing those bad boys out… ouch, I have seen this card decimate a player at the end of a game.

And let’s take a look some of the relief available if those Dead Wizard tokens are getting on top of you. That’s right: Invite Death to lunch, have a little nosh, shoot the shit, get rid of a Dead Wizard token… and if not that, HE WILL pay for lunch! And last but not least, if you’ve got a bunch of Dead Wizard tokens, you can at least make them work for you! Talk about Scared Stiff (I know I’ve used that joke to many times).

Hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks and look forward to chatting again next week…
Love, Cory