Hello, it’s Friday… and yes, I missed last Friday. I want to apologize to the one guy in the forum who reads these… I love you, but it will probably happen again.

Let’s start off talking about the fan club mailer. Hopefully, everyone is digging the content. I thought the little Bitches ’n’ Witches magazine Familiar was pretty cute. I really love playing around with what a Familiar can be, since it gives fun texture to the Wizards. OH, we actually had a fan doing an “unboxing” of the mailer! Here is the link: VIDEO! Totally appreciate this dude. The car magnet was okay… not as cool as I hoped it would turn out, but still pretty good. Next month’s extra gift turned out awesome! Also, you might be noticing I dropped adding random extra things… seemed to be too confusing and led to feel-bad moments. If I do it in the future, it will be only like 10 of the mailers and be more handmade or super weird… hahaha.

Slowly but surely, we WILL build the ESW fandom. Of all the things I work on, ESW is truly my baby and it WILL be expanding in weird and fun ways… eventually it will have that cartoon show, comic books, and who knows what else?!?! And YOU were here at the beginning. Thank you, I love you.

So with the fan club mailer: Sadly, there is no way for me to stop the various VAT and tax issues we are running into with foreign mailing. Each of the ways of mailing it (zero value, etc.) isn’t working, And the version that “might” work simply puts the cost back on us, and as the mailer is currently losing about 4 bucks each time I send you one, it’s not really an option. As a side note, losing money on this is fine as I consider it a marketing expense, but the NEXT time we do this (or sell it separately) it will be more expensive and aim to cover its own cost. So again, you awesome early adopters got the rad deal! Here is the idea, there are only about 300 international fan club fans, so we will reach out to them and offer to “bundle” the remaining mailers at the end and ship them as a one-time package, or simply leave it as is. That seems like the best way to handle this. In the future, we will offer this option up front, and also be able to inform members of what sorts of actual cost they might expect. International mailing rules are super wonky, as we have seen.

Ok! Let’s do a little preview. Shit, only a couple more of these and everyone will have the game and I will need a NEW thing to pad out these updates with… damn it. SO here are a couple of BIG DAMAGE BOYS! First up my favorite action hero… parody. It’s “Da Commando’s Gatling Wand”! WOW, talk about a beating. Don’t underestimate how powerful having different damage packets can be. Sure, you might defend once or twice but FOUR fucking times? Get out of here. AND if that’s not bad enough, we have Uncle Andy’s wayward Familiar, Mr. Bun. Fun fact: My wife and I had stuffed rabbits as our first stuffed animals (we still have them) and I wanted to find just the right stuffed rabbit for my kid’s first stuffed animal. I got it in a little gift shop in Tokyo and we named him… Mr. Bun. Clearly, this was before ESW and I named Andy’s rabbit after my kid’s toy and not the other way around. Funny coincidence: They BOTH draw 3 cards and do 20 damage to ALL foes… crazy, right!?! You get either one of these cards rocking and you stand a good chance of winning the game!

And finally, one of our friends and an artist who did a guest Wizard and Familiar for the Kickstarter is running his own Kickstarter! As a lover of all things “wizard,” I gotta tell you the Wizard of Barge is fucking rad and I am sure his game is also fucking rad. Check it out. Only 48 hours to go…