Hello, my friends and welcome to Friday!

What the hell are you up to this weekend? (Listening) …that sounds awesome! If you’re like me, it’s time to see Lightyear at the IMAX. Hopefully, it’s full of sex and violence! Sadly, I’m guessing that’s not gonna be the case, but it would be fucking cool, right? That third season of Love, Death & Robots was great… I want more of that adult animated sci-fi / horror shit. Speaking of AWESOME, I need to remember to check out Mad God on Shudder… it looks amazing. Phill Tippett is an incredible artist.

Speaking of incredible artists (nice segue, right?!)… working with RS BIXBY (the illustrator of all things ESW) is an amazing honor. That he would spend what are almost certainly the last years of his life working on this game with me is so, so great. I only say last years because he’s 74 and a pretty heavy drinker / drug addict. BUT that said, he is from a MUCH hardier generation, so who knows? Maybe whisky and opiates won’t do him in. I’ll tell you what it WILL do… make him a cranky asshole sometimes. I thought I would share this exchange we had working on some art for an upcoming ESW thing:

The nerve of calling ME a sicko! Fucking unreal.

Coming up to the end of these previews, but I will keep milking it until the game comes out…
Look at this spicy combo! That’s right! Do 18 points of damage EVERY turn and then get 18 Power to spend. I have actually seen this go off in real life and it’s insane. When I say “real life,” I mean in a game of ESW A2… not like some dude at the park murdering children with a flaming chair.

Short and sweet update, and in the nick of time… I have to go score for RSB. Not because he’s too old to do it himself… shit, he beat me up one time for being late. No, he’s “too busy drawin’ fuckin buttholes and boners for you” to get out and do it himself. Sigh…

Until next week, I love you!