Well, hello there! Long time no talk… actually, it was only one week. Sadly, I was too depressed to write last week’s update. Fucking America… jeez-us, enough already.

I made some BOLD claims in the comments section over on the Kickstarter… yes, people are still over there chatting it up, me included!

Here is what I said:

“Current Dates! Just got this update today… sadly shipping was pushed but not by much. US and EU in port 7/2 (this Saturday!), at the distributors between 7/9 – 7/12. Usually it’s 6-10 days from that to YOU so it looks like 7/15- 7/22 is the date. I found out we were holding UK and AU to line it up with rest of world but I told them to just ship it, so they could be getting it in the next 6-10 days or sooner”

Yes, we are inching closer and closer to getting that product in your hands.

AND I want to remind everyone going to Gen Con this year that I will be there, and we WILL be having both ESW spellcrafting and ESW: ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 tournaments. What kind of cool shit can you expect from this event?!? Well, let me tell you: I will be personally giving demos of ESW:A2 (meet and awkwardly hug me), we will be giving away a special Gen Con 2022 Promo Wizard and Familiar (more on that next week), AND if you win the tourney, you WILL be made into a wizard for the game… plus (and some would say even more importantly) you win a trophy that I custom-crafted for the event.

Like this nonsense:

Note, this the wizard penis trophy that GenCon forced me to cover up on the show floor…
(also check out this link, it’s the piece from the Kickstarter about the trophies if you haven’t seen it)

So a note on the Gen Con Promo Wizard for 2022: I know most of you will not be able to make it, and I don’t want you to feel left out. I was thinking we could offer it on our store after the fact for a limited time. We do this with some of the DC promos and fans appreciate it. Thoughts?

Almost out of these previews… yes, another set of LEGENDARY cards! What do we have this week? It’s a card that helps you win and card that makes you win. Yes, the Double-Headed Dingler will set up some BONKERS turns… I have seen it hit with Dr. Continuum and set up the craziest turns of all time! And then we have a card I am not totally sure we should have printed… I believe it may end up getting “house-ruled” from some playsets. It’s supposed to help as a catch-up mechanic, but it can be very swingy. All I can say is if you get a chance to buy Goldy, you do it.

Well, that’s it… love you very much.

And talk with you next week,