So it’s Friday and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to write an update. At one point, I would do these like a day or two out… maybe on Thursday! Now… NOPE, it’s always Friday. I’m pretty sure I have that creative thing that requires a deadline to actually focus. Or maybe not. I am working on a dozen different things at once, so maybe that’s it.

SOOO, as I mentioned last week, I will be at Gen Con (and happy to see anyone who is also going), and I was thinking maybe we could sell some ESW A2 stuff (even though it would be a couple weeks before the Kickstarter delivery). Well, SCRAP THAT. Sadly, the shipping nonsense has seen to it that we will not be able to have ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 to sell at Gen Con. Oddly, we did print a few hundred extra Gang Bangers and they have been delivered to our office, along with a few hundred trophies. SO it looks like I will be focused on getting people to try ESW A1 and Gang Bangers! I am going to price those VERY limited number Gang Bangers at 100.00 dollars each…. Hahaha. And to be clear, we will NEVER print it again. Once these few extras are gone, that’s it… secondary market only.

I will also be selling a couple hundred of the original playmat we made for Gen Con 2019. We only brought 100 the first time and they sold out immediately, so players might enjoy that. And, of course, we will have the super cool promo giveaway… which will also be offered on our store (or if you’re a FFF, maybe don’t worry about it… MAYBE).

Here is a peek at the components that will make this year’s NACHO-themed trophy. I actually found a local place that will custom cut plexiglass! WOW, that has really upped my trophy game. And they had this cool florescent orange plexi… SO PERFECT! Now for the fun part: Taking these bits and pieces and turning them into something EPIC!

I think this is pretty close to the end of these Legendary card previews. Damn, what will I have to pad out these updates?!? So, first up is a bit of a joke card. It’s poking fun at the creator of the deck-building genre and his amazing game. It is actually amazing (sadly, he had some not-so-nice things to say about our Cerberus engine and the DC deck-builder)… you may notice it lines up with a few elements from a certain controversial card in his game. And the second card is a fun one, especially if you have one of the abilities that lets you spend health to get effects. “I’m at 1? NO, you’re at 1!” It is also a card that just gives the other players a hesitance to attack you because your low health total is a risk to THEM… just the sort of psych-out games you want to be playing in Epic Spell Wars!

So next week there is no update… I will be at San Diego Comic-Con, one of my favorite shows of the year. Cryptozoic has a booth and some cool stuff coming out… I will post some of the cool stuff I see on Twitter @coryhudsonjones … feel free to follow me!

LOVE, Cory…