Oh boy, what a week! Sadly, my SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) trip was cut short as I developed flu symptoms on the first day there and yes… sure enough, I had the flu! Spent the next four days in the hotel battling chills and fever. FUN! The FLU… so old school, a real pre-rona throwback!

Before all the sickness, I DID manage to complete the trophies for the upcoming events at GEN CON! Yes, TWO hand-crafted trophies, check these out…

The large and primarily orange one is for the ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 tournament… yes, we have just enough marketing samples of the game to run a full-fledged tournament with the actual product! (Luckily, I didn’t send any of these out.) The winner of that event will receive the big orange trophy and of course appear in the ESW ANNIHILAGEDDON series as a Wizard WITH a Familiar. I really think I nailed the “XTREME NACHO” feel with this bad boy. You know, the secret ingredient is love (actually, it’s spray foam and fluorescent paint). I have seriously mastered the subtle art of spray foam… it’s my medium.

The smaller trophy is for the spellcrafting game tournament. It’s actually the first time Hijinx at Hell High will be used competitively. I expect the action to be hot and fast, like a slutty cheerleader. The ring design features Skullzor and his GOOO… pretty pleased with how this turned out and the winner will be forever enshrined in ESW 6!

Here is a link to all our events at Gen Con:
Cryptozoic Gen Con Events

We will also be giving away a few things. First off, we have this cool sticker if you take a demo of ESW… LOW FIVE MOFO!

And if you buy anything ESW, you get this AWESOME R.S. BIXBY Wizard and Familiar. Yes, the hateful drug- and alcohol-addicted illustrator of Epic Spell Wars will finally be immortalized in the game he helps create. (Side note: He was NOT happy about this, but he fucking drew all this, so whatever… he just likes to be mad at me and bitch). The fun part is the Familiar has a blank art box AND is printed on uncoated stock so you can draw in anything you can imagine, like an… ARTIST. Get it? Or you can have someone else draw something, or whatever you want. It’s ART and no one is supposed to tell you what that means. “It’s fucking art,” as RS would say…

Now before you get your frilly pink cotton panties in a bunch, if you are a member of my favorite group in the world (no, not the trilateral global new world illuminati), the FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS, you WILL be receiving this Promo as part of the July mailer (that ships beginning of August). Yes, it’s actually an entirely R.S. BIXBY-themed mailer!

I hope that makes you happy. And now to temper that happiness with a bit of sadness (because most of you haven’t received your games)… here is the latest on the shipping:
• Australia, UK, Asia: Games are starting to ship out. Australia should be done this week!
• EU: Games have arrived at the port but due to supply chain issues won’t arrive at the warehouse until early next week. Shipping to backers will begin later next week.
• US/Canada/Rest of World: The games have finally arrived at the warehouse, so fulfillment will begin in just a few days.

So see you next week? Not with a Friday update, BUT if you’re at GEN CON, then… yes! Sadly, we will be wearing masks, so no tonguing each other’s buttholes, but I can give you awkward hugs.

With all my love,