Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a dyno-mite FRIDAY!

I am feeling great… back from Gen Con, where I had the chance to hang with some amazing gamers and share the ESW love. AND to top that off, it appears we are finally getting the game into the hands of backers this week. Not everyone yet, but it IS happening!

I want to write a longer post about Gen Con and sadly with getting back on Tuesday and playing a bunch of catch up, I haven’t had the time this week (sad face emoji).
BUT… I still wanted to do a little post to say… hi.

I take a lot of pride in ESW. You may not know, but I am actually working on a BUNCH of different projects and games, and as much as I enjoy them all, ESW is really my baby (I had another baby, but it died). So building a community around ESW is a huge goal for me and it’s a real point of pride when I feel like people are enjoying all the passion we pour into the games.
…this Reddit thread literally brought a tear to my eye:


Wow… pure dopamine hit. I don’t even need to do heroin and huff spray paint later. I am already as high as I can get. I want you to know how much it means to me to have people enjoy the stuff we make… it’s the fuel that keeps us going creatively.

So, July’s mailer went out today. I thought it went out last week but it didn’t. If you see Malcolm, feel free to spank his ass…

I am going to MAKE SURE the August mailer goes out by next Friday. The extra gift is a little less inspired, BUT… holy shit, hold onto your hats for September.

To be fair, it was a bit of a plan. I hope to be launching the Kickstarter for ESW A3 and ESW6 in September, so there’s that. Having the most insane FFF mail in the same month seemed like a good plan!

Might as well give you a sneak peek at the box cover Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON 3 SATANIC PANIC 😊

Oh man, its going to be crazy… and we will go into at length on the Kickstarter, and we can talk about it here on our boards once that craziness starts.

Well, love you deeply,