Hello Friday People!

It’s getting exciting over on the Kickstarter comments section! I see lots of people getting their games and it seems like most everyone is digging the stuff… a couple of shipping issues, but we are helping smooth that over. All in all, pretty great, now that we FINALLY have the stuff shipping.

One of the confusing things that has popped up is the number of Legendary cards in the game. Sadly, the rulebook says one thing, the Kickstarter page says another, the actual count is different from BOTH… sorry about that. I really put the team under a ton of pressure with the Kickstarter and the daily updates, so something was bound to fall through the cracks. MY fault. So the real number is 33 Legendary cards, and 7 Mega Mayhems for a grand total of 49 cards… hahaha, just kidding. It’s 40 cards.

I mentioned Gen Con last update, and I wanted to give a report on how it went. SO how was it? The show was GREAT… our team did an amazing job putting together the booth and running events/demos. I really couldn’t be prouder of our staff and volunteers… they all did an AMAZING job! As a matter of fact, after seeing a ton of ways we could really increase the excitement, I think next year we will making Gen Con a bigger focus and really ramping up the fun, including more ESW tournaments and prizes, more giveaways, and some super-cool product launches.

This year, we had a great group of players competing in the Annihilageddon tournament. Heck, because of the uneven numbers I even got to play. Clearly if I won (which of course I did), I wouldn’t move on to the finals. My deck was crazy, AND I ended up with Goldy and that pushed my score over the top. We actually did a runner-up table after the main event to give away the second trophy I made, and again I was able to play (as the 5th person) and would you believe it… I WON AGAIN! Hahahaah. This time, it was the lucky combo of Viagrus, and the DWT that doubles the Limp Wand negative. So every Limp Wand I had ended up being worth 2 VP… FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC!

The winner of the MAIN Event was Daniel Dones, who BELIEVE IT OR NOT… won LAST YEAR’S Annihilageddon tournament! Clearly, this is a SKILL-driven game! Here is a picture of us together, and yes, I have a crazy homeless person affectation going right now.

In the end, Gen Con was a ton of fun… riding around on Bird scooters, eating at St. Elmo’s, and enjoying all the other traditional Gen Con nonsense. Next year will be a real focus on making our ESW presence even better and even more over the top!

Love, Cory

P.S. Oh, and we didn’t end of making the playmats for ESW A1 for the show, but I am making a few more and we will put them on the online store. I’ll let you Friday update people know when it happens 😊