Well, hello my Fan-Fuckingtastic Friends, and I really do consider you my friends…

And as friends I must apologize for missing TWO updates! Shameful, but in my defense after dropping my kid off at college, I had a total mental breakdown. I am VERY proud of my kid… they got into Emerson’s Comedic Arts program (not easy), and I am sure they will KILL it. But I spent a LOT of my free time with that kid, so the transition to having them 3000 miles away is super rough. To be clear, it’s rough for ME… they are having a blast and making tons of new friends. Which I am very happy about. AND I am starting to feel better, so back to updates and stuff!

Ready for apology number 2? I guess that’s the theme this week. I am SUPER sorry some of you haven’t gotten the game. I noticed some comments in the forums about it not being my fault. While I agree it’s not my fault, it IS my responsibility. I want to assure you we have been working overtime to force our partners to do better. So yes, I take responsibility for these being late. I am very sorry and, in the future, we will learn from this and do better. No one is angrier than me about this… I explained to our partners that we are building a community and the most important thing is that our members are treated with generosity and kindness. Something we have always strived for at Cryptozoic. I hope all the issues are resolved. Everything should be going out and we will cover the shipping cost of the trophies that have to come later.

SO, 6 of the mailers have gone out! If you haven’t received your 6th, it’s probably still in the mail. BUT if you have received 6 without getting 5… well, reach out to us and I will make sure we figure out what happened. I put a set of 5 awesome stickers in this one. Yeah, stickers again… sadly, there is a limited number of flat things we can send… although I did dream up a few new ones last week. So there is some fun stuff coming in the last half of your membership, including one EXTRA special secret gift that is going to blow your fucking mind… it was actually going to be in next month’s mailer, but I really want it to hit while the next Kickstarter is going. And sadly, we pushed out the Kickstarter to make sure more people had the game… not good form to launch a Kickstarter for a game before delivering the last one.

That said, next week you should be seeing this banner start to get marketed, with an estimated kickoff of the Kickstarter campaign in October.

Speaking of marketing, we recently sponsored a TikTok video with TiktokBoardGames… shit, all the kids be loving TikTok! Well, I will give them this: It has over 90K views after one day so that’s not bad. Who knows, maybe we will get few converts to the FFF way of thinking. It’s actually not easy to market board games… that’s one of the primary reasons we do Kickstarter. It has become the most effective marketing tool we have.

Next week Ben (the lead designer of the game) and I will be spending some time answering questions on BGG (there seem to be a few around Gang Bangers) and on our forums etc. I will post some of that here as well!

Love, Cory