Howdy y’all, it’s Friday updatin’ time!

Well, another week of pulling our hair out trying to make sure you all get the game. After some nasty emails to our “partners,” we seem to be getting some results! Finally, you can look forward to a broken tracking link and zero response! Better than NO tracking link… right, right? For FUCK’S sake, rest assured we are on top of it and continue to push for everything to be delivered.

We also announced the regular product for sale, so the NON-starbelly sneetches can get the game also. Listen, I don’t want to look down on these people… I mean, at least they’re getting the game, but NO florescent on the box?!? Hang your head in SHAME…. SHAME . Just kidding! I love all our fans equally but I LOVE, LOVE our FFF people… not regular you buy shit I make style love, but really sexual love… gross love.

Here is a link to our store if you want to ship it off to someone you gross sexual love as a gift or a warning.


It’s also cool that reviews are trickling into BGG. To be clear (and I think I have mentioned this before), I obsessively monitor the reviews of ESW products on BGG (especially the deck builders). So far so good and of course it will go down from here, but I love seeing that 8.8! If you get a chance to review the game and rate it on BGG, I would appreciate it. It’s funny—I actually sent an email yelling at Bladecom for leaving Gang Bangers a 2 (before it was out). Turns out he helps get this stuff up on TTS and had been playing it for awhile. Even though I TOTALLY disagree with his opinion, I had to say, “Fair enough, dude, game’s not for everyone and you have some good points.” He is actually in our forums and a helpful part of the community, so good on him! That said, if it IS for you… prepare to flip the fuck out at how much you love it.

Speaking of reviews check this one out! I love it…

This could be you…leaving an amazing review. Feeling my love with every keystroke.

Talking about “feeling the love”: We have had 4 winners on the random insert into the FFF mailers for an uncut sheet. The last guy emailed me this:
“Great game you have, we have been doing tournaments for my game group and have only had two people rage quit!!!”

Only TWO… DA FUCK! Well, along with the uncut sheet, I am sending him a special prize for the top two in the next tourney that should ramp up the RAGE!
Here is it:

Yes, the second place guy is tonguing the butthole of the winner… and yes I am not much of an artist. (Also, I went back and forth for like 10 minutes on tonguing or licking when writing that last sentence.)

Well, until next week I love you very much, and also like it when people take the time to say something in the comments under this. So in the spirit of engagement, should it have been tonguing or licking?