Friday! Hooray!
Time to let your inhibitions down and really relax… huffin’ paint, maybe hit the pipe… drinking, driving, shooting heroin. Gather up some sex workers and really lean into the party vibe that only a well-deserved Friday can bring. Leather, latex…oil (hot and… olive?). Shit, it can’t just be about the hot sex… these hoes need to make me pasta, and garlic bread… maybe some dessert, or maybe just more heroin.

Bottom line is it’s time to party, and I encourage you, my friends, to chase the dragon, get that first time cherry high, AGAIN! I believe in you!

Shit, that was all bad advice and worse ideas, but sadly I am not in control… I have surrendered that to a higher power. That’s the program!

Well, well… it looks like we finally announced the Kickstarter for ESW A3. I thought the little ad image we put together was pretty dope. And of course, this game is one of “SATAN’S TOP PICKS!” hahahaha. But seriously it is. I have a long-standing relationship with Satan and this game is finally my time to give back a little. So far, we have around 1000 people signed up to be notified of the launch. That makes sense because we have about 1000 people in FFF and I KNOW a FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIEND would for SURE click that link.

Hopefully, once we start prelaunch marketing we can get that number up significantly. I would love to see it over 5K. I would LOVE for this Kickstarter to be closer to 6660 backers. We should probably make that the funding goal too: $66,600. Sadly, if we do that, we cannot post “FUNDED IN 11 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!” Screw it, maybe the Satan number bit is better. And it gives me more time before the sweet stretch goals start dropping. We have 25 stretch goals planned. Here is a little secret: I WANT to give you all those stretch goals. The trick is not to run out too soon, to coast into that final day with one goal left (then give it to everyone no matter the number)… I’ve given you a KICKSTARTER secret.

Here is some art from the upcoming game, some of this will be used for marketing images. As hard as it is to believe, the art is getting better? How!?! HOW… that fucker is old. Practice or whatever is happening should NOT be making a difference, but goddamn if the art isn’t getting MORE amazing.

I guess the “fun” “content” I can share each week will now be sneak peeks at the art for the upcoming games. Yes, I said games because the Kickstarter is for ESW A3 and ESW6, but I will make sure to have tiers that don’t force you to get ESW6 if you’re not into it. (I WILL put at least one Familiar in there like I did with ESW5, so expect that shit for sure.)
Some more of that amazing art…

I noticed a few people saying “tooooo soooon.” Yeah, I get it. Sadly, we had all those shipping delays… the game really should have been out in March, and the next Kickstarter would have been June or July. At least that was the plan. But you know the old saying: “People make plans and god shits in their mouth.” At least I think that’s the saying… it’s certainly how it felt. Well, I really want an ESW game out every 12-14 months. So this Kickstarter is hitting November 15th and ending Dec 15th, with final delivery of the game sometime in June or July. SOOOO… it was July 2021 the last time you spent money on ESW, so that’s 18 months from when the pledges for this next one will hit. Seems okay to me… and you won’t be playing this new game for 9 months.

The next gift for the mailer is here, and I will be packing them up and sending them out next week. I am super stoked on how they turned out… very cool. We may actually have to do more of them. A little collection of them would be awesome.

OK, I love you. I think the hoes have finished my garlic bread and the opiates are starting to kick in so it’s time for the weekend…

Oh, before I forget, HOW DO YOU PARTY? See that’s social media engagement… I am a master.