Friday, huh?

Another week gone… I hope you had a great week, accomplished everything you hoped to get done or at least moved it forward. At CZE, we announced the Rotten Tomatoes game… a license I chased for over 2 years and finally was able to make happen. It’s a great game… a very interesting take on a “top down” design for Rotten Tomatoes. I think it has a chance to be very successful, and WAY more mass market than my darling Epic Spell Wars.

We spent the week here at Cryptozoic working on a BUNCH of stuff, including the upcoming Kickstarter for ESW A3. I actually have an RFQ out for sleeves… yes, we may be including sleeves as part of the offering. We have a special-sized deck in this, so different sized sleeves would be handy for players. Plus we could do some kickass art for the standard card sleeves.

It’s not just product planning—it’s also testing. We continue to develop the game… no matter how far along you are, the more development you can do, the more polished the game and better the experience. PLUS I love playing these deck-building games, so any excuse to run another round is A-OK with me! I am very tempted, but I don’t want to spoil the discovery of what makes this version of the ESW deck-builder special. I will say it’s VERY different and like great art, it should surprise and challenge you. So far it’s super fun, but whoa, it may not be for everyone. AND I love that we are taking those sorts of risks. That’s the kind of art that excites me, and ESW is above everything else for me… art.

Speaking of art… what’s our favorite kooky drug addict artist up to? WELL… no good, I can tell you that, AND making some fucking amazing art for ESW A3 (and ESW 6). Let’s check out a couple of pieces.

So awesome! It’s insane how much new art will be in this Kickstarter… I think it’s over 300 pieces. I may have to introduce RS to meth!

Next week I will show you an item I am considering cutting from the game. It sadly became purely cosmetic (it had some function, but things changed). Maybe if a few hundred people want it, we could still do it, but it’s pretty out there.

Is there anything you WANT in the Kickstarter, besides a big box? (We are doing a big box for the ESW standard games, just not enough of the deck-builders to justify it yet.) Well, let me know in the comments.

Sorry for the short update, love you very much.