Good Friday to you! Well, not actual good Friday but as I like to say, GOOD ENOUGH Friday. Feel free to eat meat or whatever you’re not supposed to do on actual Good Friday. It’s not anywhere near Good Friday, is it? I just typed that and now I’m “rolling with it.” Sadly, it’s not very funny… I’ll stop now. BUT I will say I don’t like organized religion, probably has to do with my pathological hatred of being told what to do. And if there’s one thing religion LOVES, it’s telling you what to and what NOT to do. Again, probably why I like Satan so much… the ultimate rebel.

So we have the Kickstarter coming up. Our plan is November 15th for launch! (Hopefully… there is so much to this one.)

Today, let’s talk about one of the items I will be offering… Fan-Fuckingtastic Friends, Year TWO!

Yes, we will offer another 12 months of the fan club. Sadly, I will have to raise the price a bit… it will be 60 bucks. I ended up spending about 5 or 6 bucks per mailer between the stuff in it and the shipping, not including the labor to make them. So even at $60, it’s still a loss, just not as big a loss as the first year. And at $60, that’s all in (including shipping). BUT I cannot control the seemingly random taxes various countries slap on it or don’t. We label the damn thing as zero value, but it seems not to work every time. I will again let you wait until the end and get it all as one big box (and I WILL cover the tax in that case)

And for new people or people who didn’t opt in, during the first Kickstarter, I actually printed a bunch extra of everything, like maybe enough for 400 extra members. I was going to try and open it up… but we ran into so many shipping problems (like the tax/VAT issues), so I just dropped it. But I do have that extra stuff, so I will open an option on BackerKit after the Kickstarter to buy the entire FFF Year One as a set (you will have to wait until year one is over… I think it’s like February).

Oh, and my plan is to mail TWO FFFs at once in November (October’s and November’s). We will have them in the mail on the 15th… same day as the Kickstarter launch.
Lots of fun stuff in this Kickstarter and LOTS of amazing art. I know I mentioned it before but has there ever been a tabletop game with this much original art from ONE artist? I think we might have a record.

Hey, how about a look at a couple of actual cards? Not super exciting but I want to work our way up to the crazy stuff!

I know… awesome!

Sometimes I run out of Epic Spell Wars stuff, so these are short… I guess I could talk about other stuff…

I watched both the Game of Thrones series and LOTR…
I thought I was done with GOT but shit, they sucked me right back in. The character development is great (even with all the time-jumping). I actually care about the story and cannot wait for more. LOTR, on the other hand (a franchise I LOVE)… man, I didn’t connect with any of the characters outside of Elrond and Durin, and that just wasn’t enough to carry the show. The key to good storytelling is to ensure the viewer/reader LOVES your characters. Without that, no one gives a shit about the plot, no matter how cool it is. I think that’s where LOTR fell short. Hopefully they can fix it in Season 2… I will for sure be watching.

Also I love the face on that kid with the eye patch on GOT, he looks like a straight-up anime villain.

Anyone else watching these?

Hugs and kisses, Cory