Hello Hello Hello!

Join me as I mark the passage of time. Is it Friday? Yes. Has another week passed in our shambling lurch to the final heavenly reward? Yes. Is it one more week closer to our AMAZING November 15th kick-off for Epic Spell Wars: ANNIHILAGEDDON 3 — Satanic Panic Kickstarter? NO… WHAT?! Yes, sadly much like the bliss of heaven, you will have to wait slightly longer (not until you’re dead)… just until January 17th. With all the amazing stuff we are packing in this, it’s just taking longer to get it put together and we really want you to be as blown away as possible by the campaign.

Seriously, half the fun of making these games is turning out to be the time we spend as a community rallying around the Kickstarter and unlocking stretch goals and discussing the game. I really enjoy the feedback and the excitement as we reveal cool surprises and stuff.

I know I have mentioned it before, but the amount of work that goes into the Kickstarter campaigns is crazy. We continue to dial up the production value in an effort to outdo ourselves… wait until you see the video for Satanic Panic… it’s insane (good insane, not shit yourself and cry insane).

Usually, I like to keep all the elements of the Kickstarter a surprise, but I guess talking about a few things here is ok, especially if it’s talking about an artist but not showing you the art. That part can still be a surprise! So we have 5 (or 6) guest artists again doing oversized Wizards and Familiars (we really need a better name than oversized Wizards… maybe WIZARD CHAMPIONS). I try and reach out to amazing artists that I would love to have contribute a little something to the ESW universe. Some of them are very well known, some are not, but really it’s just about cool artists that do insane work.

I am very happy to be letting you know that Erol Otus will be doing a WIZARD CHAMPION and Familiar! If you don’t know who Erol is, just type his name into Google and maybe add D&D. Erol was one of my favorite D&D artists growing up (I was a D&D fanatic as a child), so having him do a piece of art for the game is a real dream come true. There is just something entirely unique about his art style, and I really love it.

You know whose art I also love? RS BIXBY…

Check out a couple more cards from ESW:A3!

Well, clearly, I am struggling to find stuff to talk about… again saving up surprises for the Kickstarter and don’t want to spoil too much. Is there anything you would like me to cover in a Friday Update? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, the cards I used to make the header are the blank RS BIXBY familiars. I have been using the stamp that didn’t work out of my face and customizing it. I think I am up to 50 of them. Maybe I can bring them to Gen Con next year and give them out to FFF people that show up! Or I can randomly toss them in the mailers…

Love, cory