Hello my friends! It’s Friday, but not the “next Friday” from the last update but the Friday AFTER that Friday. Apparently, I have switched to every other week for these updates, unless I haven’t… who the hell knows? Certainly not me.

Ok, it really depends on what’s going on. It’s sort of a lull as we make a METRIC FUCKING TON of new ESW stuff… seriously, the amount of shit we have made is crazy.

So you may have seen we did a Kickstarter update to let everyone know that the FIRST Epic Spell Wars ANNIHILAGEDDON playmat is back in stock. Technically, it was sort of a Gen Con exclusive, but we made so few of them and we have had so many requests for it that we decided to print a few more. These are VERY nice quality and I think you will love them. It’s funny: I like doing exclusive stuff for the conventions… it’s exciting and people get all amped. But disenfranchising the people that can’t make it to the show sucks. I think I have a good plan for this moving forward and next year’s Gen Con will be the first test…

Hey kids, let’s look at a couple more cards from the next ESW game!
Hurray! *kids cheering*

As you can see, we did a little SATANIC glow up on the old Limp Wand… it’s now the BURNING Limp Wand… ouch I hate it when I get that burning sensation. The cool part is the ability to destroy these bad boys at will. Sure, it’s a bit painful, but man is it worth it! This also ties into the UTTER BRUTALITY of Satanic Panic. I mean, this is the MOST brutal version of the game we will probably ever make. At least you get a shot at a bit of relief over at the old Freaky Fruit Stand!

That’s right, your fruity pals are back and ready to give you a mouthful of their sweet, sweet juice! Boy, I love the larger Epic Spell Wars world and growing the number of times our crazy shit lives in the stuff we do.
I appreciated the comments last week, and I for sure read EVERYTHING posted about ESW, from the comments here to ALL the forum post to the stuff written on the KS page and BGG. I like the idea of sharing some of the story stuff behind the characters… that could be fun!

Also, an update on the Fan Club mailer: Sadly, we got twisted around ordering stuff and the change in the timing of the KS also impacted the mailer. I have a gift I REALLY want to hit during the KS, so it means I have to make something to take its place. The October KS is going out on Monday, then the November KS will be going out last week of November (if I am lucky). BUT I will say the gift for the November mailer is pretty awesome. October on the other hand is a solid B… probably won’t do that one again. Listen, it’s not easy coming up with fun flat custom shit for these mailers! Coasters, air fresheners… AMAZING. But they can’t all be winners. Boy, I will need to make it clear next year’s FFF will be a lot of the same types of stuff, just different versions of it. Seriously, if you have any amazing flat customizable ideas feel free to drop them in the comments.

Love, Cory!