Hello my Friends… my FANTASTIC… and FUCKING… FRIENDS!

Another Friday has made its way to our golden shores, washing up on the beach in all its glory and promise of a magically sexy weekend. Yes, the weekend can be sexy without being SEXUAL, or maybe your weekend WILL be sexual… I am not here to judge or predict the future. BUT if I was predicting the future, it would be a sexy future with sexy sex robots and flying cars… that deliver the aforementioned sex robots to your house, which is also flying. Just imagine it: a FLYING house for your sex robots. Amazing!

Now that that nonsense is out of the way, let’s chat about ESW! We continue to work on the Kickstarter for January 17th (ish). The “(ish)” is my confidence fracturing a bit, but NO we will be ready! The video is almost done. It’s fucking hilarious (natch), and does almost ZERO selling of the product. Listen, I want to entertain… if we sell a few products along the way, great, but it’s not my focus. Let me just say there is an inordinate number of buttholes in this thing.

The Kickstarter is going to feature a bunch of stuff. We announced ESW: ANNIHILAGEDDON 3 — Satanic Panic and ESW 6: Anarchy at the Arena. I noticed a couple of comments hoping that it would be possible to get the deck-builder alone and NOT have to buy the spellcrafting game. Yes, the lowest tier is just ESW A3. BUT that said, the higher tiers with more goodies WILL include the spellcrafting game. Sadly, making a bunch of different tiers is not optimal when putting a Kickstarter together AND I want you to buy fucking ESW 6! SOOOOOO how can I make getting ESW 6 more attractive? WELL, I am going to make Familiars for ALL 8 of the Champion Wizards in ESW 6. That’s right: I added them to the stretch goals, which I should say are very awesome and there are over 25 of them! SUCH KICKSTARTER VALUE!!

I always love the chance to show off RS’s pencil art so I thought we could see a couple of the Champion Wizards from ESW 6!

That’s right, Lady Gore-Orgy and Da Commando have made the transition from ESW A2 Legend to CHAMPION WIZARDS! And wait until you see their Familiars… HOT SAUCE!

Thank you very much for the suggestion of stuff to make in the last update. I should have been more clear: I was talking about the EXTRA stuff I make like the air-freshener or stickers. Rest assured I have a TON of awesome gameplay stuff planned (a couple of cool surprises). I thought postcards were a great idea, and stamps were interesting. That said, a custom postage stamp is $1.05 US EACH! Yikes. As I mentioned in the mailer, sorry that the tramp stamp tattoo was a bit underwhelming… crazy, it was almost 2 bucks! So it was expensive and didn’t really give enough wow for the expense. Probably won’t do those again, but if you’re very attractive and want to send me photos of it right above your ass crack, please feel not only free to do, but encouraged.

Also shout out to this guy chugging along still do unboxing videos for FFF…


Someday we will be a mighty fandom, and your toil for 9 views will be handsomely rewarded. Also I love you for doing it.

And I love you all…