Well, to start… sorry for the lack of updates the last few weeks! Between the holidays and getting ready for the Kickstarter, I barely had the time to procrastinate and beat myself up for not doing the updates, so…

Holy shit, did you hear!?! Next Tuesday is the launch of ESW: A3 — Satanic Panic! THAT’S RIGHT… another fucking Kickstarter! I have already seen a couple of people moan about each of these new games launching on Kickstarter, which fucking mystifies me. The truth is Kickstarter is currently the best way to market the launch of a board game… sad but true. Entire companies are built around helping you market a game, and they ONLY work on crowdsourced projects! So part of this is just trying to continue to build our ESW audience. You know, like a religion! I really want to convert as many people as possible (and then slowly introduce weird sex shit after you’re hopelessly indoctrinated… never mind, we will get to that later).

SO, the OTHER reason a Kickstarter rules is we can have fun as a community, unlocking stretch goals and low-fiving each other. I mean, you get the game at the retail price but you ALSO get a TON of extra stuff… what’s not to love?? I hope you’re all ready to jump in and be part of this shit.

SECRET INFORMATION: The Kickstarter is going to start at 10AM Pacific (give or take) and there is a special “early demon” pledge tier with only 6 slots available (you may want to be around to check it out)… but you didn’t hear it from me. Also be prepared to sign over your soul, assuming you still have one…

So the next mailer is also going to hit the post next Tuesday and shortly (?) after that your mailbox. What’s so special about THIS mailer? Well, I have been holding onto the best-of-the-best gifts to line up with the delayed launch of our Kickstarter. I wanted something extra rad to hit in the middle of all my FFF members being gathered in one place. So I created a music CD with 12 original Epic Spell Wars songs on it! Here’s the cover… and back!

and the back!

One of the challenges of making the gifts for the mailers is coming up with stuff that’s flat so it fits into that envelope… something flat AND custom. One of the things that dawned on me was a CD, but that raised the question, “What the hell would be on it?” Of course, there was only one answer: SICK BEATS! But how would I acquire these sick beats? Turns out FIVERR is the perfect place to find amazing artists from around the world willing to work for the sort of budget I have… “not much.”

So I wrote up a bunch of fucked-up songs (Jared, one of my game designers wrote the Pleasure Palace song), then I hired some amazing musicians to make my KILLER TRACKS dream a reality. HOLY SHIT, they turned out WAY better than I could have imagined… I love them so much. We have an Italian funk band on “Oh Baby It’s Viagrus” with MULTIPLE singers! I had a Bollywood song made and it was so fantastic we had him make another… that would be “Party at the End of Time” and “Pleasure Palace Panic.”

I used auto-tune and actually sing the Game Overlord song “Game Over Now” and it’s also me of course on “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY,” a dubstep song made from the first Kickstarter video. I am super excited for you to get this!
Here is a link to one of the songs…


I was also thinking about giving away an uncut sheet every weekday of the Kickstarter campaign. What would be a good way of running that? Everyone that makes a comment is entered or maybe everyone that pledges is in the pool? Or some kind of social media challenge?