A Friday update (for those new here, it’s not every Friday… I would like it to be, but sometimes I am too busy or too lazy or just don’t know what to talk about).

The “what to talk about” shouldn’t be an issue for awhile, as we have all the awesome ESW A3 content to spoil over the next 8+months. If you hadn’t heard, we just finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign for Satanic Panic, the newest installment of our award-winning Epic Spell Wars deck-building games. SO yeah, lots of new content.

This isn’t a funny update today (usually they are, or at least I try).

I wanted to start by apologizing to the people in the Satanic Panic Kickstarter. I was very engaged and having fun interacting with everyone until Wednesday evening. When I became unable to be available.
On Valentine’s Day, I lost my best friend and business partner of almost 20 years. His name was John Sepenuk, and he was about the most magical person I have ever known. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE loved him. It was impossible not to. Super smart and handsome, he had a deep, announcer-style voice and spoke five languages, including fluent Japanese. We traveled around the world making stuff from cartoon shows to toys and games, and as much as I hate traveling, he made it fun.

He had an amazing sense of humor, and no matter how insane the stuff I created was, he would egg me on to make it weirder, grosser, and generally just super fucked up… and he always loved the stuff I made, and it made me so happy. I remember sitting in the board room of Upper Deck in the executive meetings with everyone around this big table (20 or so people) and John and I sitting in the back. I would doodle HYPER-fucked-up, sexual, violent cartoons in a notebook that only we could see… just the most over-the-top stuff I could think of, and he would be crying trying not to laugh out loud. AND after every meeting he would demand I give him the drawing so he could add it to his collection. (He LOVED Epic Spell Wars, by the way.)

I don’t look for approval from people in life. I’m pathologically opposed to it… it feels like a weakness to me. But I wanted John to like the stuff I did. And it made me proud that HE was proud of the stuff we made together at Cryptozoic. His partnership and friendship were a blessing.

John was my rock, and not a day will go by that I will not miss him.

Here is a picture of John (far right), me, and John Nee (far left), my other best friend and partner in Cryptozoic. Thank god Nee is still here… I don’t know what I would do without him. These are my brothers.

So, yeah… I am sorry for using this space to talk about my feelings and life. I know you’re here for the game. But it’s hard not to talk about something as big as this in your life… thank you for indulging me.
And also, sorry for not being there the last couple of days of the Kickstarter. I was super happy it did so well, and I hope we have some people from the Kickstarter join us here on the site in the forums and reading these (almost) every Friday updates. There is a ton of stuff to see here (like the old updates!)

Thank you for reading this. I know it’s a cliché but man… hug your loved ones, hell hug the people you DON’T love… life is to fucking short

I love you all very much,