Hello, lovers of Spells and Wars and optimally Epic Spell Wars! It’s a Friday update and for those here from the recent Kickstarter, thanks for joining us (I will stop thanking you soon, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks).
The Kickstarter will be taking “late backers” soon for those of you that somehow missed the whole thing…

Final tally on the Satan Hand coming out of a wizard butthole… 87 brave souls! Congrats to you fanatics, you truly rock! To be fair, we may get some more orders when the pledge manager opens in mid-March.
Our first deliverables are the Spellbooks that will be produced in time for Gen Con. Because of that date, it’s the first thing that needs to go to the printer. So I would like to share a couple of things having to do with that product!

Here is a look at the cover…

The packaging will emulate a book, with a curved spine and everything! And the tray inside will be built to tightly store (about) 100 Champion Wizards in sleeves, and will also have two card wells that store about 100 sleeved cards in each.

So let’s look at a couple of those upcoming Spellbooks!

We have the Spellbook for THE BALL OF CTHULHU! It’s The Necronomicooochie. I have used this gag before with the Necronomicondom (a better joke). BUT hey, I am not above recycling this shit! And it is a pretty perfect match with the Ball. You do get that joke, right? “BALL,” like “CALL” of Cthulhu. So very clever. Let’s check out the Spellbook’s ability… a bit costly at 5, BUT WOW, look at that Power! Your first Attack each turn is unavoidable. This combos with your Familiar, who has a nice juicy Attack and is thematically linked to the Cthulhu card in ESA A1 (that Attack is also unavoidable)… see how deep I go on these is!?! Also, you get +3 Power for each player you kill. If you get off a big group attack, you are FOR SURE getting the Legend. And yes, there is a delightful array of body parts built into that book.

And ANOTHER Spellbook… this time for Damsel Distressia! Yes, the fair princess that don’t NEED NO HELP gets a VERY useful Spellbook indeed. Again, a bit costly but drawing an extra card every turn (assuming you have the normal 5-card hand) is INSANE. And on top of that: If you somehow end up with an even worse hand due to wizard nonsense or mayhems… heck, you are RIGHT BACK TO SIX! And let’s not forget your Familiar… that gaggle of would-be princesses wetting their pantaloons! You can defend and discard ANOTHER card randomly. That’s right… defend your entire hand away and get a NEW ONE!

Hope you’re digging these Spellbooks… I know I am having a ton of fun playing with them.

I will be sure to show you more every week!

Until next week, and hopefully a longer update.

Love, Cory