Hello My Friends!
Happy Friday and more importantly, HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day!

I often say that I am one-quarter leprechaun. Two reasons: I’ve always been supernaturally lucky. Secondly, my estranged father’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day and he would tell me he was one-half leprechaun. So of course that would make me one-quarter leprechaun. I know it’s insane, but I sort of believe it’s true. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before (I am losing track of these updates), but here’s how far I take the luck and leprechaun thing: I believe in karma (not mystical karma, a real specific version I will describe some other time). And I believe what you put into the world circles back around to you. Joy, Care, Love… and the negative stuff like Anger.

BUT I also believe more esoteric stuff applies also… like Luck. So to be a more lucky person, I create luck for others! How? My kid and I (I dragged them into it) actually take one-dollar gold coins (you can buy them in 100-dollar bags from the mint) and hide them around when we go out. Usually, a few times a week when I am out and about, I will hide one of these gold one-dollar coins. The idea is someone else will find it and think “WOW, that was LUCKY!” And boom… I created LUCK in the universe and little bit of it will come back to me! SOOO… when I take credit for being one-quarter leprechaun, it’s not just about being insane. I am actually PUTTING IN THE FUCKING WORK!

Hahaha. You may have also noticed an over-representation of leprechaun shit in ESW. Now you know why.

SO we are on the doorstep of the Kickstarter pledge manager opening. Should be next week.

Let’s take a look at a couple more of those HOT AND SPICY Spellbooks coming in the Spellbook Set!

With all this leprechaun talk, why not do Mr. Lucky?! Look at that four-leaf goodness! I ran the golden showers joke for like the millionth time… which I stole from this video, one of my favorite things ever. (You may also notice the homage in a certain ESW 1 card.)


Cleary this is a VERY powerful Spellbook. Being able to cycle your Treasure cards with this can get BONKERS very quick. And if it’s a legendary from ESW 2… well, hot damn, you’re GOING OFF! Yes, I would like to play Da Commando’s Wand again! Shit, that’s right: With the wands strategy, this really shines!

Next, let’s take a look at Dungstar the Poo Pope’s Spellbook, Shitty Scriptures! This is great combo card with his Familiar. If you don’t remember his Familiar (Saint Stinkus), it allows him to destroy and replace a card in the line-up. Now he also draws a card! COMBO! And more importantly, the secondary ability of clearing the line-up and replacing it is super powerful for the player that wants to go all-in for a strategy! SO you want Ongoing and there are none available? Spin the wheel and see a new line-up. I’ve playtested this Spellbook and I love it!

That’s it for this week. We continue to plug away at ESW A3 — SATANIC PANIC, getting it ready to go to the printers. FYI… the amount of art in this is insane. RS is not happy ☹ and I am pushing for SO MUCH stuff right now as we do this and the next batch of FFF and all the stretch goals… it’s A LOT.

I love you all very much and let’s chat again next week. Or in the forum: I am there if you have questions, or directly under this in the comments.