Friday, baby. It’s time to unwind from a stressful week of mixed martial arts and intravenous drug use! (One of those two things is true.) Actually, it would be cool if I mixed martial arts with a giant anthropomorphic syringe, and it was like trying to jack me full of drugs and I’m like kung fu-kicking it and then shit, it does a rad move and I get filled with morphine and I can’t fight back but I don’t give a shit because I am high as fuck. Man, I love that story, especially the part where I am high as fuck. I need to go find drugs to fight. I’ll wage a WAR ON DRUGS by doing them all… see, I WIN!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good week. We actually spent the entire day doing ESW A3 playtesting. I meant to get a picture to be part of this post but forgot (because of all the morphine). We will be doing it A BUNCH over the next few weeks, so I will get a picture next time. Testing is going great, finding all the rough edges and shaving them down. It’s also becoming clear the game is fun even without Satan, which is good because the full experience WITH Satan is very over-the-top and is a bit longer (and it’s already a long game). So it may be a variant that only comes to the table occasionally. But again the base game is awesome even without Satan.

We have brought the Legendary first appearance, attack-style cards back into the game. I really wanted to post them with the full card text, but they are not ready. I did want to show off the art. I made the Satan deck a very different look for the art and I wanted a little twist for the Legendary Devils, so we went with this monochromatic ’40s cartoon look. I think it’s super cool! Fun fact: I had considered building an entire IP around these cartoon devils and doing a line of vinyl toys. I had even mapped out all the areas of Hell that each devil was in charge of. Happy, I could use that work somewhere.

Here are some…

Mephisto and Krumpy.

Then Asmodus and Pazuzuu.

Totally fun! We actually (finally) have ALL the mailers out. Bear with me if you haven’t gotten yours yet… it should be there shortly. In a couple of weeks, if you don’t have everything, we will make sure to double check any emails I get and send out replacements. I really appreciate everyone’s patience. I am excited to get more ESW stuff out to you, and I cannot WAIT to see the printed stuff like the big box and Satanic Panic oversized, tarot-style Satan cards. We mocked them up in real size for the playtesting and DAMN they look good!

Until next week, love you.