Boom, boom, boom, it’s Friday afternoom!
Hahaha, I made it rhyme against its will… it was non-consensual rhyming. Probably shouldn’t make those jokes, since I’m already pushing it with everything in these games. Fuck it. Clearly, I have a singular focus on making this shit as messed up as possible, and everything else be damned. And I know I say it all the time, but thank you so much for being part of and enjoying this stuff.

So we had the good fortune of Lord of Board reviewing Epic Spell Wars! A great review, very entertaining, and super well-produced. I am checking out his other videos and really enjoying them.
Here is a link. We even have some nice comments from people about Epic Spell Wars… again, I love seeing it.

the link!

The playtesting continues. Our board game design manager had a great idea… have two rulebooks with one specifically for Satan. We could make it very cool and themed like a ’50s technical manual… but evil and Satanic. I love it. We have to do it.
This week I wanted to not just show off art but some card designs. So it’s back to the Spellbooks we have coming up with the Gen Con product.

First up is Saturday Morning Massacres (Satano Crunch’s Familiar). Not so much a combo with the Familiar as just INSANELY powerful. And not to be outdone and just as insanely powerful is Killgore’s Spellbook, GUIDE TO GORE. Jesus, just look at these two… it’s total insane carnage time.

And the second set is so fun, at least for me. I actually LOVE the turtle and defend strategy… I run it just about every time. And the Congested Digested really helps… that extra HP can really add up. PLUS a super defense. It may be my favorite Spellbook. Not sure about Sir Kitty Purringron’s Spellbook. Is it terrible? Is it great? Unclear, but I think it has the potential to be pretty amazing and shit, +1 Power every turn is pretty good. You tell me what’s the combo? Oh, wait what about his Familiar?

That’s it for this week. I love you very much and hope you have a great weekend!