Hello, my dear friends
This is Friday and this is an update. It’s a very positive update as I am focused on being positive… VERY, VERY POSITIVE! I am positive we are SUPER close to the art being done for Satanic Panic. And once we wrap that up, it’s a finishing pass from graphic design and BOOM, we are at the printers! I am VERY positive that will make me VERY happy. Being happy is important, it turns out…

About 15 of you should have gotten emails from me today. Seems like a few of the last two FFF mailers bounced back from the shipper. We are getting it sorted out and I am packing them up and getting them out this week. Again, if you are missing a mailer, please feel free to reach out to me at cory.jones@cryptozoic.com and I will make sure we take care of it.

In July, I will be bundling up the leftover stuff from the mailers and giving some people the chance to get the first set of mailers if they missed out. I have extras of the game materials, but very limited on the gifts, so it may just be the cards, Champions Wizards, etc. (I do have a FEW extras of the full mailers but it’s pretty limited.) I just wanted to make sure the REAL fans that missed out have a chance to get the cards before they are GONE FOREVER!

The last of the art has been for the Satan Deck, so I thought I would show off what I got in this week. It’s a cycle of cards in the Satan deck focused on WANDS. That’s right… Satan has multiple build arounds he can pursue and one is a wands strategy. Here are some images of him with the wands of some of the Legendary Devils that serve him!

So that’s it for this week. We got in the samples for the Spellbook product that we are selling at Gen Con (and was on the Kickstarter) and MAN, it is awesome! Cannot wait to show it off!
Love, Cory