Oh, Friday, you only come once a week, but your tender embrace is always so sweet.
Sure, the weekend’s here and I am looking forward to that, but Friday is also time to reflect on the week and say, “Hey, I fucking rocked it… good job, me” or in more dire circumstances, “WOW, that week sucked but at least it’s over… fuck me.” Either way, it’s a bit of a win. Last week sucked. This week was much better. We actually launched our Kickstarter for DC Deck-Building Game: Justice League Dark, and it’s going great. Super proud of the team… they are really killing it with that line of games. There is also a crazy cool community supporting it.

If you haven’t had a chance check it out: LINK

The new Indiana Jones movie comes out this weekend… looking forward to that (praying it’s good). As you can imagine, as a JONES, I’m a big fan of the franchise. I remember seeing the first one pretty vividly. I was 12… my dad took me to see it. He was excited and thought it was going to be great. Looking at the poster, I was only mildly excited. I was a pretty huge D&D nerd (with a minor in Star Wars) at this point, but as a kid I REALLY wanted to be a big-game hunter. I would actually say that was my first “job I wanted.” Which is extra weird as I was raised vegetarian and would literally cry in the meat section of the grocery store because I felt so bad for the animals. In retrospect, it was probably the outfit I was in love with…

Sort of an Indiana Jones vibe to it, so yes, I did have mild excitement.

Anyway, we went to the mall to see it, quickly stopping at Scotto’s pizza for a slice before the movie, and a couple of quick video games at TILT, the arcade next door. (It was about as ’80s an experience as you could have.) MAN, I was blown away by that movie, because of FUCKING course I was. Shit, EVEYONE was… it’s damn near perfect. And my love for Indiana Jones has remained intact even with the variable quality of the movies. That perfect first film goes a long way for me. So yeah, I hope it’s good 😊

So this week instead of previewing cards, I was going to show off the FUCKING amazing packaging we put together for the “Spellbook” set. So behold the box!

INSANE! Right? I made it SPELLBOOK SHAPED. It even has the rounded side… ya know, like a BOOK. We have a fold-over magnetic closing lid. The material is a high-quality matte finish. Overall, it just looks so cool. AND that’s not all! As you can see it was designed to hold ALL your Champion Wizards, Familiars, and Spellbooks. It will hold all the ones that currently exist and probably the next couple of years’ worth of expansions! We even doubled the thickness of the plastic insert to be extra durable!

So… this is awkward. Originally it was just going to be a little box, nothing special. That’s why I made the Kickstarter version come without the box, so we could ship it in with the other cards and have no increase in shipping cost to accommodate the box. IT WAS FOR YOUR COST BENEFIT! But… now, well uhhh, my guess is you’re gonna want this.

WELP, I will go ahead and eat the cost. That’s right: We will be including the full Spellbook storage box in all the Kickstarter pledges that bought the Spellbook set (I think its like 900 of you).
We will pay the extra shipping and the extra production cost of the actual storage box.

And I want you to know the only reason I’m doing this is because… I love you so much, and really and truly appreciate your support.

Until next week, much love