Hello, wizard people. That term “wizard people” reminds me of one of the best internet videos of all time, a little series about Baby Cakes:

Seriously, Brad Neely is a comedy wizard… I love him.

Still massively chugging away on art. I had hoped it was July 1 for pencils (and syringes) down for RS but there is more to do. I hired a colorist / inker to help, but we still do a round of color correction. That can be a little time-consuming, especially on hundreds of images. Yes, I said hundreds…

We have San Diego Comic-Con next weekend so no update next week, as I will be at the show and on lots of drugs. It’s one of my favorite events next to Gen Con. So many amazing artists and just a massive landslide of cool stuff to see and do. Plus it’s a great chance to catch up with 30 years’ worth of industry friends you no longer work with. Our regular Cryptozoic booth will be focused this year on DC DUAL FORCE, the new digital CCG from CCG LAB… www.dcdualforce.com

There’s going to be an amazing presence for the game. Live streamers and Twitch takeover for the weekend. Should be awesome and if you like CCGs, be sure to check it out.

I am still getting emails about the missing FFF mailers, and we have been knocking them out. Again, if there was a problem, hit me up and we will sort it out.

Thought I would show off a fun piece of art from the Satan deck. Look, it’s Satan hanging out with one of my favorite Champion Wizards (who was clearly going to hell)… it’s Satan-O Crunch! I really love slowly crafting a fully fleshed out world for ESW with returning characters and new relationships … hahahaha.

So until next week, Beat, Eat, or Tweet your meat… whichever makes you happy.
Love, Cory

(I will be doing all three)