Hello everyone! So, I should NOT be writing this right now because I SHOULD be at Gen Con… “should” being the pivotal word, as I am not in fact at Gen Con. Sadly, after SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) it became clear to me that I am still dealing with an avalanche of grief around the death of my partner John. We would spend a lot of time together at these shows and it was pretty rough not having him there. So, as I looked at Gen Con two weeks later, it was clear that for my mental health that I needed to skip it. It’s a bummer because I love hanging with the folks that staff our booth and all the ESW players.

Usually, I would have been available at the booth to talk about ESW or our other games, and I would also spend time in the tournament hall. It was great having people to play endless ESW with… my appetite for this stuff is pretty huge. I would regularly be the last man standing in my game groups. I recall playing Magic with all my friends until 1 or 2 in the morning, then going to Denny’s with my one crazy friend and continuing to play until breakfast the next day. Playing ANNIHILAGEDDON for 12 hours sounds like heaven to me. And Gen Con is a great place to indulge that tendency.

I DID still make a trophy for the winner of the tournament (only ANNIHILAGEDDON this year).

Hopefully, next week we can share some pictures from the event, including the winner with the prize. They will of course get the trophy AND appear in a future version of the game as a Champion Winner. Here is a look at one of the past winners who is going into Satanic Panic…

He had a bunch of ideas on the kind of wizard he wanted to be and I think we nailed it (he wanted to include his dogs.)

Print-ready files are almost here for Season 2 of the FFF club. Once we get those over to the printer, we will air ship the first couple of months of mailers, and we may be seeing these resume before the end of the year! Some really great surprises in store, and I included the Familiar AND Spellbooks with each of the new Champion Wizards! I love how the FFF cards can really push the wacky boundaries of what is playable… it’s the perfect place to do insane stuff. I am actually doing some FFF-specific Ability tiles (just like the ones that come in the main game box)… some weird shit to add to the mix!

Oh also, in a couple of weeks we will put up the Spellbook storage/cards product from Gen Con on the website, in case you didn’t order it with the KS or get it at the show. I will make sure to let this group know first, but there should be plenty left for whoever wants to pick it up. I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Well until next week, much love.