Hello, my friends, and a very happy Friday to you! Hopefully, you had a great week AND have some amazing plans for the weekend. That’s right… I’m not satisfied with you having a great week. I DEMAND that your weekend is also amazing! For me, the timing is quickly approaching when my kid goes back to college and I become very sad. But until then, we are packing the time with fun shit! Last night we went to see Anthony Jeselnik at the Largo Theater in LA. My kid is a comedy major and we are both comedy nerds, so that’s the sort of thing our family loves to go do. If you have never had the chance to see live comedy, I recommend it highly… it’s super fun.

Boy, am I excited to announce the art for the ESW Kickstarter is OFFICALLY DONE! Holy shit, that was… well, simply too much. I will never make that mistake again. The amount of original art in the game is insane. Seriously, it’s fucking INSANE! Now we have to finalize all the cards, finish the rulebook, and finally get the print files out the door and to the factory. I hope to firm up dates in the near future in terms of when you will have the KS delivered. Hopefully, it’s Q1 of next year.

AND I am also happy to say the FFF Season 2 club stuff is done, and files are off to the printer. My goal on that is to deliver the first mailer by Halloween, but don’t hold me to that.
Here is a sneak peek at the Familiar that might be coming in that Halloween mailer!

HO HO HO… GEN CON. Man, I ended up being sad I didn’t go, but probably less sad than if I did… weird. Anyway, we DID have the tournament and we did have a winner! Shit, I think this guy has won before!
Congratulations, David Buschermohle… wow that’s a mouth full!
Goes to show you it IS a game of skill. Super happy to have our CHAMPION added to a future game.

I should have asked them to tell me the build, what ability, and Champion he played…

Next week, we will get back the inventory from the Gen Con booth and we will put the leftover Spell Books on our website soon after, for those that didn’t grab it on the KS or at Gen Con. Also, and I know I have been saying this for awhile, but we will sell some bundles of the FFF season 1 (I think we have about 50 left). We will actually have 2 versions: one with the all the actual mailers (including the gifts) and one that is just the cards and game stuff (we have a few hundred of those). Clearly, I will charge an outrageous price to insure the FFF members feel vindicated for getting it on the KS. Hahahaha…

Well, until next week I love you very much and hope this weekend is great.

(Maybe try drugs for the first time, or whatever… just get out there and live it up!)