Hi everyone! Friday has rolled around and unlike the last few Fridays I am actually writing an update! Hooray for me!
Even though I didn’t write updates then, I want you to know that you were still in my heart. I had honest-to-god guilt for not keeping up on it. Sometimes I can rationalize skipping it: “I’m busy” or “Is anyone actually reading this?” but deep down I know it’s important because I promised to do it for the few people that do love the game as much as I do. So sorry for missing those weeks. It will probably happen again… shit, I don’t know if this will even get posted. I did have a pleasant surprise that included the updates. I was talking to a partner who has done screen printing for us in the past about a new project and they mentioned that they like Epic Spell Wars… AND read the updates!!! Totally made my day.

So let’s do an update on the Kickstarter stuff! Here is where we stand.

– FFF club cards and stuff: At the printers! May be able to send the first of season 2 out before the end of year!
– ESW 6: Files done (or 95%), so ready but will be sent with ESW A3 and printed at the same time.
– ESW A3: Art done, files in process… holy shit, there are so many cards in this game, it’s insane.
– ESW Storage Box: Should be getting samples soon of various print processes and seeing how cool it’s going to be!
– Sleeve, etc: Ready to go!
– Satan’s Salute Statue: Well, check out the packaging. HAHAHAHAH…. Certainly not going to see this on the shelves of Walmart!

That’s the update. We continue to test and improve ESW A3. Until the last second the files go out, we use the time to playtest and shave the edges off the card file. One of the concepts we are looking at is making the Satan Player a secondary smaller rulebook that teaches you to BE Satan! I really want it to be clear that the game works VERY well and has so much fun and depth (and new stuff going on) EVEN if you don’t have a player taking the mantle of SATAN. Next week, I will show off a Starter card we added to be incorporated into the game if no one is Satan.

I mentioned it briefly above, but I am super excited to see how the various print concepts we have stacked on top of each other turn out for the storage box. Not sure we will see “real” samples or just mock-ups, but I will share once we get something. Triple black, florescent inks, and foil hits should look super fucking cool.

Oh, and here is another picture of the final Spellbook / Champion / Familiar storage box. This has the final side fix AND I made sure the plastic tray inside matched the color of the pages to…. KEEP THE ILLUSION ALIVE!!! Hahaha, I become obsessed with the stupidest shit.

Until next week, I love you very much, and hope you have a chance to run a few games of ESW A2 with your friends. Man, very little makes me happier than playing this game, and when I can carve out a 10+ hour block to do it… heaven. How about the rest of you? I know my stamina is goofy high, but what’s your ideal play session?