It’s fucking Friday again… it’s insane how quickly time moves. (I am nearly 100% positive I have started one of these updates with that same sentence, BUT it is crazy… it’s a blur.) The older you get the faster it seems to move. I try to be very present and live in the moment, but a weird side effect of that is your long-term memory is garbage AND it exacerbates the time speeding up thing. There are a couple of things that keep me rooted to the real movement of time: my kid and the flow of products we make. Every time something new comes out that I had a hand in, it’s VERY gratifying. MAN, I cannot wait to deliver all the stuff from this ESW Kickstarter. Seeing it played and getting a response is amazing AND then I can start on ESW A4 (that’s a lie… I have already started on it). And I am having a hard time waiting to talk about it… the nature of how long it takes to make games always means you have moved on to the next thing before the last one is fully released.

We have what I believe is the final playtest session for ESW A3 today. Here is a picture of us doing it!

After this is final tweaks and final file preparations. Now that all the art is done, no more time for testing… it’s the moment of truth. This is the most outrageous product we have ever made, by far. It’s funny: Ben (the lead designer of the game) and I talk about how much we want ESW to be “art” and by that we mean that each new game is really taking risks to elevate the deck-building genre. It can’t just be another set of cards; it must figure out what it’s doing that’s NEW. Good or bad, this game is certainly art. I love it… hopefully, you love it.

I promised last week to share one of the cards we included to insure an amazing experience even if Satan isn’t playing (the man has a busy schedule of hell shit to do, like fisting *guy you hate* or other devil shit… he can’t be playing games all the time!). So if it’s just wizards, we wanted to make sure you still had the fun extra stuff from A3 as part of the game. Now Satan Taints and Devil bosses are well-represented even without Satan, but we wanted to give it a bump. So we included this new Starter card…

Also, we have the FFF Season 1 mailers hitting our online store! And eBay so the international people can get it! It is more expensive than it cost on the Kickstarter. Couple of reasons for that: I didn’t want the original backers to feel like they got screwed and the actual cost to do all these mailers was WAY more then I expected. So I priced in alignment with what we usually sell promo cards at, plus all the extra stuff… it’s a lot of stuff in the 12 mailers. Mmmmmm mmailers….

Thanks to the people commenting on the post last week. It for sure makes me feel good that there ARE a few people reading this. Now if I can get 1M people to comment, I will be an influencer and sell Coke the rights to shave their logo into my pubes and post it to Only Fans. Step 3: Put all the money I just made back into creating weirder and weirder ESW products… ultimately dying alone and surrounded by butthole-themed deck-building cards. Perfect!

Well, my friends, until next week I love you very much and look forward to playing good touch/bad touch if we ever actually meet in person.