Oh my, it’s SPOOKY time… October! My favorite month! All the stores drag out monster shit and of course Satan is in charge (for a change), so it’s just better. AND it’s the very first FRIDAY of the best month of the year. SO I COMMAND YOU to get into the macabre mood, maybe viddy a horror show, or take a trip to the Halloween section at Target. I mean, do whatever it takes to get into the spirit of the season! Have a friend knock on your head and pull a treat out of your ass… fuck, I don’t know what you’re into. I do love the Halloween section at Target. It’s not as good as it used to be, but it’s still pretty great. The weird animatronic crap is awesome. We got a fish bowl with skeleton fish this year… they light up and swim around. Pretty cool.

If you want a good horror movie recommendation I can with TOTAL confidence give a thumbs up to “Talk To Me,” an amazing little film from Australia. I don’t find most horror actually scary, but this one delivers. Natural, pitch-perfect acting, great art direction, and an amazing concept… better off not knowing much about the story going in and just enjoy the ride. HIGHLY recommended.
Not a huge update, but we are excited to be getting back proofs for comment on different elements of the Kickstarter. For example… the SATAN hand! So far, looking good. A few tweaks and we should be good to go.

Sheets of map tiles (the term we use for the thicker cardboard components) are coming along…

Wow, it’s getting exciting. I remember how much time we spent on XTREME NACHO LEGENDS and when we finally got all the amazing stuff in, it was like a dream. Playing with prototype mock-ups, then seeing the actual stuff. Wow, what a difference, and that stuff turned out SO great. I love the trophy and nacho chips… I mean, I love all of it. You would be shocked to hear how often I play ESW A2… hahaha, I even got my kid’s friends into playing it. We played it at SDCC this year!

Also, (and I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TWICE!!!), our good friend GL BoxingGlove posted an amazing video. Man, I love this guy… it’s so nice to make content for us as we evolve into a larger group 😊
Here it is…

The Video

Well, I love you very much and hope you have a great weekend.