Hello,my FFF-ing people! It’s Friday and in this case, that means another update. I often wonder if I am saying the same shit I said in some other Friday update. You see, I practice “LIVING IN THE MOMENT” to the degree of not remembering anything “OUTSIDE THE MOMENT.” It’s a useful trick for managing stress and trauma… it’s probably why I live in this state pretty much 24/7. So… what was I saying? Oh yeah, if the beginning of the update (or the middle or the end) sounds familiar, that’s why.

Now, I should bring up something topical, so I KNOW I haven’t talked about it already. Next week is Thanksgiving for some of you, and in my case it will mean no update. Just FYI… I will be seeing the horror slasher flick THANKSGIVING as it looks super ridiculous, and I loved the fake trailer for it in Grindhouse. Did you see Grindhouse? I thought it was great, but I seem to be in the minority.

What will we talk about this week??? How about the SLEEVES!

We found a new vendor for our sleeves, and I am SUPER impressed. Matte-finished and buttery smooth… they are crisp, clean, and ready to party. I shuffled them a bunch, and they are the real deal. Totally stoked!

I thought I would show off a few Starter cards that are specific to the ABILITY tiles. Yes, we have included special cards you get that are associated with abilities. First up is LUCKY’s LUCKY WAND. The ability lets you replace a Glyph with this EXTRA wand. And boy is it a banger. Check that shit out…

BUT more importantly, it gives you access to a stack of these bad boys!! THREE VP and DRAW 2 CARDS!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!!

But THIS isn’t even all… there is ANOTHER ability with cards I haven’t even shown!
This one also replaces a Glyph in your deck … check out that card ’mon!

We actually get the first off-the-line of the Satan Hand Statue next week, so in the next update I will show you some pictures of that. Everything is coming together… we are going to deliver a pretty amazing box of stuff!!
If you haven’t had a chance to check out our 10th Anniversary Adventure Time Card Wars Kickstarter and would like to, here is the link. It’s an insane value. I am very proud of this game… Matt Hyra and I actually designed the game, and it was a total honor, as I love Adventure Time. When the Card Wars episode hit, I immediately started emailing people that we HAD to actually make the game. Seriously it was like that same night. And we actually made it happen! Anyway, check it out!


Love as always, Cory