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yeah hahaha thats a good one. i came home today from a long day of work to an email of don’t panic.  apparently it is kinda hard for a company to write an email and to send it to everyone who backed the studdly spellslinger tier so they would know whatsup. so yesterday when i couldnt take it anymore not knowing, hoping my package would still arrive somewhere this week as are alot of others, i asked them myself to read:

Dear Sir,

Your order is indeed one of those with damaged items.

We’re very sorry but there will be some delay. We will ship it to you as
soon as we get the replacement, but we do not have a date for that as of

Please accept our sincerest apologies.

Kind regards,

Le Service Client Don’t Panic Games

How about “we will ship what is available at the moment since you have been waiting for a very long time for this kickstarter so you can still play the game after all, we will be sending the replacement trophy later when it comes back in our store.

now i understand that it is kinda hard with shipping costs etc. however saying the truth its not fair a wizard or wicked warlock tier is getting his/ her games sooner then a studdly spellslinger or fff tier. they payed less man.. yet are enjoying the game. Here we are waiting for a fuckin piece o plastic, yes its awesome to put the nacho chips in the trophy but fuck at this point i just wanna enjoy the bloody fuckin game dude.