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Hey everyone.
sorry for not updating sooner.

The current plan is to post some of the cards on Ebay on Friday, then the rest on Sunday.
Thinking about 8pm (central time).
Ebay changed some policies, so have been trying to figure that out.
Price will be $5.00  but there might be sales tax ebay add on, so like $5.28.

Will title post “ESW Fan Club Promos”
rather than posting them as Epic Spell Wars. This should help keep other from accidentally finding them before you.

jdborrelli  &  meltronator  — if you order a set, please message me (or email your ebay name so I know to get your the Cthulhu alt.

For anyone in UK going though Stonesaber, I’ll be shipping these out this week. Then hopefully he get them to the rest of you.