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Avatar photoatthila

They are not i just got this reply they don’t get it that cryptozoic will pay for the shippings. PLEASE JUST COMMUNICATE in a good way! I got this email just now.


Indeed, orders containing this item have been blocked so far as they
were incomplete.
We have asked the sender to send the orders in a first step for the
customers who want it and to send the trophy in a second step. However,
as this involves two separate deliveries, an additional delivery charge
will be made.

There are therefore two options: you can wait until the trophies are
available to receive your order in one shipment, or request two separate
shipments to receive the game first and therefore approve the delivery
fee for the second package.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused,


There are two options.. like fuck off i allready proposed to pay for the shipping. This is unacceptable! SHIP THE GAME FUCKING NOW