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1. Damage *never* “wraps” after a kill. If you deal 35 damage to a player at 1 HP, they still respawn at 20.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Da Commando’s Gatling Wand allows 4 distinct attacks at a base of 7 damage each. Assuming no modifiers enhancing damage are in play, if I were to direct the first attack to a wizard that was at 1 HP, that would kill them and they’d respawn at 20. The additional 6 damage would be of no impact.

I could then direct attacks 2, 3, & 4 at that same wizard and assuming no attacks were blocked, the 4th attack would kill them a second time.

2. When you redirect an attack, you completely gain control of it as though it were “yours.” So if the card said “for each player YOU killed this way” you would NOT gain the +3 POWER. However, since this specific card stipulates that the person who played the original card (not the attack) gains +3 Power for each kill made with the “card” yes you will get the +3 POWER from your opponent redirecting the attack and killing you.

Yeah, that’s how we ruled it when we were playing. It seemed a little counterintuitive to be gaining power from my own death, but it was how we interpreted the card.