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It’s hard to say. You could interpret that players have to avoid the attack, or show their hands first and then you can pick the Creatures you want to play afterwards or you could interpret that you have to resolve the full effect on each player clockwise, so that you don’t know what cards other players have.

I’d say the best way to do it is to resolve each player before you move to the next. That way the effect would be:

1. Draw a card.

2. Declare an Attack on the player to your left. If they don’t avoid it, they show their hand to all players. You pick 1 Creature (if they have it) and resolve it’s effect.

3. Repeat for each next player clockwise.

This way you don’t know what Creatures, if any, the other players have. You also control each Creature you played from others on that turn.

(If any player redirects the Attack back, and you don’t avoid it, you have to reveal any cards that are left in your hand and they can play one Creature. They probably can’t spend any power from it, but they still get any effects. When the card is resolved it is discarded and you, as the owner, don’t get to play it on your turn.)

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