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I am very glad that you are interested in this. As for the symbols – Primal, Elemental, Illusion Arcane, Dark. If you’ve played a spell-crafting ESW, then you could see these symbols at the bottom left.

Primal – heal your HP and sometimes get rid of dead wizard token
Elemental – deal damage to the enemy, sometimes a lot of damage
Illusion – allows you to take cards, sometimes not only from your deck
Arcane – gives you more coins and makes them more expensive
Dark – you get damage and great benefits. Death is your friend if you play with dark

In this game, they participate to activate the effect of some cards or buy new legends.

Coins are the currency for buying legends, like chips in the second part of the Annihilageddon. Legends cannot be bought for power here. Every turn you invest 1 coin or more, because some cards allow you to do this.

A coin bank is a bag, like the one that was given in the Kickstarter to the second part of the Annihilageddon, in which there are coin tokens. Each type of coin has its own effect, which works when you put it in the legend.

When you get a coin during the game, you close your eyes and draw a random one.