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I’m not Cory but;


Can players with no chips use effects that require them to “lose half of their chips”?

The games I’ve played have never allowed it as the rule is pretty literal.

Can players kill themselves using effects like “pay 2 hp” when they have 2 hp?

I’d say yes but I’ve not had this come up. You can definitely attack yourself so it stands to reason you can do this. You’d still get a dead wizard token though.

Can the ability of Helmet of Horror (and cards like it) be used several times a turn?

Cory has definitely answered this before and he said no, the ability from helmet of horror can only be used once per turn.

Are defensive abilities of cards like Wee-Woe Warlocks considered attacks?

I don’t recall the specific defense ability of this card but when attacks get redirected then they are still indeed attacks and can be defended again. That’s how I’ve been playing.

We want more Huge Blobies, why are there so few of them?

I’m down with more huge blobies. Maybe there will be some sweet satanic blobies in A3.

It seems that Dingler Mount and Wizard Waste miss their “Activated Ability” sign. Or Gummy Archimage has a useless one.

I imagine it was an oversight haha.

If you kill a foe with Bing Ryerson the Insurer’s Mayhem, do you gain a Standee?

I would say no… We’ve been resetting he standee should a maybe ever kill anyone… That might be incorrect and which ever played had last killed someone should maintain control of the standee though. Both are plausible.

Do you have to use Attacks on the cards you play? Do you have to kill even if you don’t want to?

Ive always played the game literally. So yea if you don’t wanna attack someone then don’t play the card. Sometimes the extra abilities on cards are not wanted but you can’t pick and choose which ones you take haha.