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Cory Jones

hey great questions, here are the answers
Bunnslapper, that was a misprint (it should be destroy a limp wand in your hand or discard pile)

Snotia also a misprint should have had DEFENSE then activate symbol, so yes you can use it on other peoples turns

the rule is cannot PAY health that kills you. so no you could not pay the 2 health.
(but yes you can kill your self with other effects like attacks)

no, activate abilities are once per turn, we always make it clear if you can use it multiple times

the Warlock example is NOT an attack unless it says Attack it is not an Attack, to be clear REDIRECT IS an attack.

what would you need more than 2 bloobies for? push them together and…

they should have both had the activate symbol, it was an oversight (dingler mount, etc)

On BING, yes, YOU played the mayhem, so you control it, its an exception where you actually kill WITH a mayhem

YES you have to resolve everything on a card you play UNLESS it has the activation symbol so yes you have to attack

Mayhem Q is easy, the active player PICKS the targets he isn’t the target…

again great questions !!!